More Free! marine biology au doodles. Nagisa trying to make Haru forgive that he has scared his mate away with the shota yelling - too many times. Things are pretty bad when even the mackerel can’t soothe Haru’s hurt feelings. Nagisa desperately wants to befriend with the orca type merman Makoto!

Nagisa and Rei lately discovered that the mermen Haru and Makoto (both named by them) have a special favourite spot at the shallow warm water for sleeping. It is usually the taller Makoto who serves as the sleeping place for Haru, but seemingly he never minds about it.

I’ve never really drawn Mermen AU, so I decided to fix this horrible mistake. Speaking of horrible mistakes. Don’t mention the flowers, okay? Just. Don’t. I feel like I’ve shown a middle finger to the Physics, and not in a badass way. I’ve realized it too late in the process to fix it so just. Pretend it’s some kind of mermen magic. Little flowers that sink. God have mercy. Rei probably hates me now.

And speaking of Rei, this wasn’t his lucky day. Taking Nagisa on a ride in a boat filled with flowers seemed like such a romantic idea. Of course Rin and Haru didn’t steal the flowers. They borrowed them. Without permission and with no intent of bringing them back, but still. And if they toppled the boat over in the process… well, how were they supposed to know that the blue-haired one can’t swim? The blonde rescued him anyway, so what’s the big deal. They probably had great Valentines Day in spite of everything, with all their legs and their clothes… or no clothes, you know, that works too. The point is, Makoto got his surprise and was happy (he doesn’t have to know the minor details) and that’s all that counts.

Happy early Valentine’s Day!