Orange Oceans (Chap. 1)

==> Be Dirk

Darkness. That’s all it ever was in the ocean. At least, until he swam towards shore. That’s when the water started to get brighter, more colorful. The fish were better tasting as well. But, the water began to smell bad. And occasionally human trash would float by. He’d made the mistake of swallowing a fake plastic fish before. It’s not fun to throw up underwater.

Glowing orange eyes pierced the infinite darkness. He was hungry, but there was no suitable fish nearby. Unusual, seeing as tropical fish are always migrating above his territory to get to shore. Not dwelling to much on this, he swam towards shore, his powerful, smooth fish tail beating the water. As he moved smoothly through the water, reaching closer to shore, he spotted a fish. A large silver one, he couldn’t recall the name. Whatever it was, he knew it was edible, and he was going to eat it. 

Silently stalking it, the merman’s ear fins twitched into place, detecting and predicting the moves of the fish. He took a deep breath, filtering oxygen through his gills, and held it, so as the fish wouldn’t hear his breath. Floating closer and closer, the claws on his fingers ready, he was ready to dart forward when suddenly, the fish was yanked out of the water by a net.

What. The. Hell. 

That was his fish!

==> Dirk: Retrieve fish

Dirk was more than a little annoyed. He was furious. Who the hell had stolen his food?! He had to work hard for that shit!

Emotions boiling with anger, his animalistic instincts took over, and he shot up towards the surface, forgetting his kind was rare and he could be captured. All that mattered was his hunger and the fish.

Bursting above the water, he closed the gills under his ribs and breathed surface air, ready to yell. He stopped however, when he spotted the tanned human on a white fishing boat. He was hauling a net unto the boat, his back to Dirk. The sky was a stormy, cloudy gray, a tell tale sign of a storm.

The shock of seeing a human snapped Dirk back to his human logic, and he ducked underwater, hiding, his heart pounding.

Oh god, he’d almost been seen!….

The merman swam away, scared for his life. He had heard horror stories on what humans would do to merpeople.

Thunder rumbled, muffled by the water, so Dirk mistook it for his own raging heart beats. The water was pelleted with rain. It pattered on the surface of the water above Dirk, who stopped. Come to think of it, he’d never watched or even seen a human before, just heard stories.

I wonder what it’s like…

 His curiosity getting the better of his fear, he slowly swam back over, edging a safe distance from the human. Sticking his head above the water, he watched the human male in his boat. 

Dirk could see the human swaying as the waves began to rock his boat. He barely noticed the waves, simply bobbing up and down with them as they weren’t huge. Despite their small size, the rain water on the white, smooth surface of his boat, and the rocking of the waves seemed to cause the tanned male to lose his balance. All at once, he slipped on the wet deck of the boat, and fell into the water, flailing about. Dirk could hardly figure out why; the human seemed strong enough to swim. What Dirk didn’t realize was the actual freezing temperature of the water, it being rather close to winter, the storm turning the water cold, and this spot being in rather deep water where no sun reflected heat. Not knowing this, all he did know was that the human was drowning.

Dirk, out of sheer protective instinct, shot forward. His animal instinct screamed for him to stop. This was a human, a HUMAN, some land creature that would sell him to the higher ups, where he could be put in an invisible wall container and fed dead fish, or at worst, torn apart with sharp tools at some freakish, torture chamber to look at how his body works. His human emotions, ones of pity, panic, sympathy, and protectiveness shut all that out as he raced back to the human. As soon as he got there, the human was sinking. He swam under the human, about two feet under his kicking legs, who’s owner was struggling to grab ahold of the boat. It was still slippery, and he couldn’t get a good grip. Dirk paused for a fraction of a second to study this creature with legs. 

His legs were tanned and muscly, as were his arms. He had some strange material wrapped (was it wrapped?) around his torso, and hips. There was holes for his legs, arms and neck. Severely confused, the merman was about to think more on this, when the human’s foot swishing past his nose, jolting him back to reality and the situation at hand.

Okay he thought determinedly I’ll push him up on three. One. Dirk swam a little close. Two. Another foot and half. Thr-

The human kicked Dirk in the face. The good news was the male had pushed off of Dirk’s face with his foot to jump and grab a beam on the boat. The bad news was the merman was now dazed, his nose hurt, and frankly a little pissed. Because even trying to save someone, you’d get pissed too if they kicked you in the face, accidentally or not. 

The black haired male  hauled himself up, and Dirk watched as he ran to a covered compartment, while he meanwhile was seeing if his nose was bleeding. The boat rumbled like a sea-beast, and the merman was spooked, nearly swimming off, but not quite having the time.

Too bad, he could have avoided so much trouble if he had.

A larger than the rest wave hit the boat, which swung around and whacked him in the head. Bright lights danced in his eyes, and Dirk watched dazedly as the boat, and the human he tried to save, speed away back to shore. Dirk watches him go, and muttered to himself, “You’re fucking welcome…”

He tried to move, but his limbs felt heavy. It was as if his arms and tail were slowly turning to stone. He was sinking, and in shallow water, that wasn’t good. The current here was sure to rolling him towards even shallower water, where the coral was sharp and dangerous. Black darkness ebbed away at his vision, and the last thing Dirk felt was the current drifting him toward treacherous shallow water.

Fuck his life.

==> Dirk: Be the human

Jake cranked his boat to go faster, and raced towards shore. Rain pelleted his wind shield, and heavy, cold wind battered his boat, as well as waves created from the storm.

He had gone out fishing that afternoon, in hope to catch a few fish for dinner, and maybe tomorrow as well. His favorite food was fish, and he regularly ate fish that he caught out in his boat. Mostly due to his grandmother’s *coughcoughHORRIBLE* cooking. 

He hadn’t gotten any fish, despite the hours he’d waited. By the time evening drew near, he grew discouraged, and started pulling up his net. To his surprise, a fish was caught in it. A large tuna, perhaps, but he couldn’t be sure. 

Jake’s spirits lifted, and he tried to haul the fish in the boat. A flash of orange caught his attention from in the water, and he hesitated to look where he thought the orange flash came from. The sky rumbled, and it poured rain.

"Shit…" he mumbled. The extra water slicked the deck, and with one small misstep, Jake had slipped into the water.

Despite fishing nearly all the time, Jake couldn’t swim against the cold water. His body went into shock, and he forgot how to swim. The tanned boy flailed about, and was sinking. In his panic, Jake was sure he saw a huge fish, nearly as big as he was, coming up under him.

Scrabbling at the boat, he felt something under his foot. Panic over taking his brain, he didn’t stop to think what it was, but rather took advantage of the asset and kicked off it. With the propulsion, he just managed to grab a side bar, and hauled himself unto the boat. Racing towards the steering wheel,  not even allowing himself much time to recover, Jake cranked the boat on. A wave pushed the boat, and he was sure he heard a loud thump, but he paid no mind. All he could think of was getting out of there.

Reaving the engine, Jake steered the boat towards shore, his body shivering, his head full of panic, and his heart sinking at the thought of eating his grandma’s cooking.

As he reached shore twenty minutes later, docked his boat, and walked to his house, he just hoped there was leftovers of his cooking somewhere.

==> Jake: Enter the room containing your future doom.

That’s means the kitchen. Jake’s grandmother, Grandma Harley, a surprisingly young woman for a grandmother, was cooking something that was smoking on the stove. 

"Hi Grandma…" Jake said, depressed. He sat down at the table, having showered and dried off.

"Hello Jake…what’s wrong?" She asked him, coming over an serving something unto a plate in front of him.

"I didn’t get any fish today…and there was this huge one too." he complained. ‘It would fed me for weeks too…’ he thought.

"Well, I’m sure you tried your best." Grandma said "Anyways, eat what I made you! It’s lasagna!" 

Jake looked at it, and almost gagged. 

"Are you sure…" he mumbled, but he choked it down anyways.

Oh, if only he’d gotten that fish. 

==> Jake: Wake up to horrible indigestion at 3 am.

He knew that it wasn’t lasagna. 

After spending a painful hour in the bathroom, Jake stumbled into his room and looked out the window at the ocean. He admired the dark water, and the mysterious, darkened sandy beach. But what really caught his eyes were the bright moonlight. Not the whitish-silver color. But the way it glowed and stood out from the rest of dull, black, gray and white scenery. Everything was serene, and all seemed well. Accept for…

He saw an orange and slightly bloody creature was near the rocks, laying still, the moonlight reflecting a pale skin color but something bright orange.

Shocked, but curious, Jake got dressed and ran outside. He wondered if it was that huge fish he was going to catch earlier that day, swept ashore from the storm. Stopping a little ways away from the fish, he…no it wasn’t a fish.

Quite the opposite.

It was a bloody, injured human. Half in the water, and barely breathing. 

And he was completely naked.

Jake was pretty sure he’d pass out.