“If it’s a bad relationship, think about this. Things happen for a reason. Relationships end so that new ones can form. Your prince charming is walking around this earth somewhere looking for you, he’s in the same position you are. If you take your life, how is your prince going to ever find you? That guy, or that girl, who dumped you for whatever reason, it’s their loss. Because they’re NEVER going to find someone just like you. They’re never going to be able to replace you, because you are the only you, and if they are dumb enough to dump you and leave you in the dust, you’re smart enough to hold your head up high and find someone better. Because they will never be able to find someone exactly like you. And it’s their loss for throwing you away. Because you’re the best you that you could have been, and if that isn’t enough for them, then they’re the dumb ones. And you deserve better.”

Omg my dad is great
  • My dad:Hey I'm the cool dad... lol
  • Amber:Yes you are! Hi!
  • Me:Don't talk to her, she'll lie to you about me...
  • Amber:Jonny beat me with a beanie, you should punish him! ):
  • Dad:Well you probably deserved it. He's taught well. Lmao