all right! it seems a call has gone out to bring the ~*~*~*~wrath of 4chan*~*~*~ down on known misandrist, the misandry-mermaid ! time for some real activism! so remember to bring your a game, remember your very best sandwich jokes, your very best misogynistic and ableist slurs. don’t forget to remind her what a manly man you are

but OH! also don’t forget you need to quit at a reasonable hour tonight, grab your binkie and your blankey, and turn in early because you forgot your nap again today and you know how cranky you get

colonelrogers said:

Steve and Tony playing footsie under the desk at a meeting, at first it starts really subtle but then they both get really competitive and just keep doing it while trying to stop themselves from wriggling to much otherwise the others might notice.

It starts out subtle, then it turns a little flirty… until someone’s foot gets a little too aggressive and then suddenly it’s an all out war. Now they’re just playing some weird kind of thumbwar with their feet, trying to trap the other’s foot under there own.

There’s kicking involved. A lot of kicking. Steve gives a particular good one right to Tony’s shin which makes Tony jerk back in surprise, glaring at Steve, as they both freeze to make sure no one noticed. Aside from a cursory glance from Natasha, everyone’s attention seems to still be focused elsewhere. They dive right back in and manage to keep it up for the majority of the meeting.

The footwar only ends when, after Tony manages to gain the upperhandfoot, Steve lashes out in an attempt to take control and accidentally kicks the leg of the table. Hard. 

It’s hard for people to not notice when the table collapses underneath them. Especially as it takes Clint, who had been silently snoozing on folded arms, with it to the floor.