Hello all, So i think you may remember that this blog hosted Mergana Prmopt Party a while back and now I wanna try doing something a little different. 

I’ve noticed a significant lack of Mergana on my dash and its a shame cuztheyre my OTP so I thought it’d be great to have a whole month that would just acknowledge their awesomeness.

This appreciation month would go from October 1st - 31st. and there would be 5 prompts per week. you wouldn’t have to do them all or anything maybe like one a week or something whatever floats your boat

All types of creations are allowed and encouraged. I will post al lthe prompts for all 5 weeks (first week is shorter) sometime in the middle of this month so please bbe sure to follow this blog or track the tag merganamonth 

if you’re interested please reblog this post and spread the word, thank you