Okay but imagine the first time Arthur learns that dinosaurs were a thing. He’d ask Merlin about them and Merlin would explain, “They were like giant reptiles that lived on earth before humans did.”

And Arthur would ask, “Like dragons?”

"No, not exactly. They were here before dragons, too. They all got wiped out by an asteroid that hit the earth."

"An asteroid?"

"A rock… from, um - outer space."

Arthur would just stand there with a raised eyebrow and a blank expression for a few seconds before deciding, “Oh, I get it. You’re trying to be funny again.”

"No. That actually happened."

"You’ve convinced me of some strange things in world, Merlin, but if you honestly expect me to believe that giant lizards once roamed the earth and one day were killed by a rock from space, you’re even stupid than I thought.”

And then Merlin would get annoyed and say, “Fine. Get your coat.”

"Why? Where are we going?"

"To the Natural History Museum!"

colin-cheekbones-morgan said:

Hi, love this blog! Do you know any good fics written in first or second person? 99% of the fics I've read are in third person. Thanks in advance!

Here you go:

Beyond My Touch by DLanaDHZ
"If someone had told me meeting Merlin would change me this much, I’d have gotten them arrested, but I’m starting to like it." A story about realizing what you never knew you wanted. In which Arthur is a posh movie star and Merlin works at a bookstore, and it’s really all Mordred’s fault.

Laughing With Fools At You by retts
Based on the Kinkme prompt: extreme homophobia in modern times.

A Conspiracy of the Universe by OwlinAMinor
Merlin was not expecting to even like the prat sitting next to him on the plane and making his life miserable, much less fall in love with him.

You Aim to Misbehave by teprometo
It drives you mad, how gorgeous he is.

AvPD by Anonymous
Arthur loves Merlin and Merlin loves Arthur, but Merlin has avoidant personality disorder and starting a relationship is hard on both of them.

After School Special by katie_andrew
Merlin stands up for himself and Arthur is proud of him.

Forever by Bellobelle
"With his back slumped against my chest, I can’t get a very good look at his face. I know it’s gray and ashen, slick with sweat around red rimmed eyes. Maybe there are tears, maybe there aren’t. I know he’s afraid, but selfishly I think that he can’t be more afraid than I am."

Your Tears Sound so Sweetly to Me by Starfinder
An anonymous blog ran for years at Camelot High School, but by Sophomore year everyone knew who wrote it and everyone knew who it was about.

Yours is a Shallow Voice by pipelliot
Merlin is extremely shy and painfully self-conscious. His magic subconsciously works to make him quiet and faceless and blend into the background. He falls in love with Arthur, but from a quiet distance. Unnoticed and unappreciated and alone, Merlin gives everything to Arthur who doesn’t recognize the love and loyalty that is right in front of his face.