To show your support for those facing anon hate, please wear this icon as your avatar. The more users we can get wearing this icon, the more support those affected will see. Even if you are not in the Supernatural fandom, please still show your support. Fandoms are families, and that doesn’t end with your own. In times like this, everyone needs to band together to help those targeted and affected. Fandoms helping each other out. 

Please help signal boost the icon by reblogging.

Thanks, Sarah xxx


This is to all Fandoms

Not sure If you know what’s going on in the Supernatural fandom, but we have been getting some horrible Anon hate. These Anons are telling people that they are horrible and they should die. They are pushing every trigger any depressed person has. Two people that I know about have attempted to take their lives and are currently in comas. The prognosis is not looking good.

Right now, as far as we know, it’s only in the Supernatural fandom. However it could spread! So please, turn the Anon option off on your account if you have triggers. Do it now. It doesn’t matter what your fandom is, just do it.

Please, please, please, let’s stop this before it get further. Fandoms are about love. Do what it takes to save yourself. We are behind you 150%, no matter what. Keep strong Tumblr

And if this has already started, if you are being targeted, GET HELP!!! Go search the tag #affectedbyHate immediately and talk to anyone of the Safehouse blogs there. I am a Safehouse blog as well. We can make it through this.

Stay safe.


I know that the anon hate attacks are mostly affecting the SPN fandom, but I thought I’d try and bring the full power of SuperMerWhoLock to tell you all how important, needed and wanted you are, not only by me but by countless others as well. Keep fighting the fight, guys! 

(BTW, none of the GIFs are mine - I can’t make GIFs!)

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