jump-a-gerund said:

Hello! What would you say are good enemies to lovers fics?

Who’d have thought? by underratedsnail
In Merlin’s eyes, they were enemies. Gwen thought he was being stupid. Merlin didn’t care; he’s hated Arthur since he first came here, why would that ever change?

When We Bleed We Bleed The Same by hms_seth
It all would’ve been simple enough if Merlin had just hidden his magic for a few more months, and not…very publicly used it to save Arthur Pendragon’s life. As it stands, things are definitely changing.

A lever and a place to stand by twoskeletons
When a peaceful march for the equal rights of magicians ends badly, Merlin is forced to hide out in the apartment of law student Arthur Pendragon.

Just a stalkerish alien perverted prat by underratedsnail
Arthur is an alien prat and Merlin has a lot of confused feelings.

Cellmate by lcacbc
Merlin is dead. No, really. He has just called the most powerful man in prison a prat. A prat he just happens to be cellmates with.

Patience and Persistence by digthewriter
Merlin just wanted to prove his worth in academia and his importance on the rugby team. He didn’t mean to start shagging the only bloke he couldn’t stand. He also didn’t understand what was so great about him—why did everyone love Arthur so much?

Pendragon’s Darling series by Deminos
In an attempt to pay back his father’s debt, Merlin Emrys agrees to trade to Mafia Boss a very precious commodity: his virginity. Little did he know that Arthur Pendragon also had a certain kink for stockings, garter belts and bondage…

Red Knight and Magic Man by thecheekydragon
A.J. Pendragon tries to sort out his feelings for Merlin. Sometimes he couldn’t stand the guy, but there were other times…