And here’s chibis of ShadowHatter’s intriguing OCs.

First off, the main mad hatter himself, Domingo! Sporting a mix between Mighty No. 9, Classic, and X if you count the inspiration for the wire dreadlocks from Vile in X8.

Second, the brawn and beastly, Merkredo. Obviously went for Storm Eagle for his wings, but kinda took a bit from the Zero and ZX series for legs. In the end, he became a Luchador.

Sabado, the tech geek, was the easiest to Megafy since he already had an outfit similar to the series. The legs were surprisingly simple to make, I was also tempted to make his head similar to Number Man from the Battle Network series, but felt that it would ruin the design. Did give him floaty limbs because it would feel lazy just to keep the character as it was.

And lastly, the big guardian police man, Vineri. This guy was also easy to incorporate into the Mega Man style, but I decided to add some more mechanical bits. Guy screamed to have some shoulder cannons equipped. He would have also has a buster, but he seemed more like the type to handle things with his fist.

Last batch of chibis coming up!