so softly

it comes upon 

slow cover of black ink

to spread out 

a pool of shadow

behind the eyes

outside my window

and pushing off the don’t-go-there

and stretching fingers into air

just touching memories and care

as though they might still wrestle there

within the space of darkness…

A Song for You
  • A Song for You
  • Whiskeytown
  • Return of the Grievous Angel; a Tribute to Gram Parsons

A Song for You - Whiskeytown (Gram Parsons cover)

So take me down to your dance floor
And I won’t mind the people when they stare

sweet, sweet friend posted this and i had to borrow (twice). should i pause to wonder how much of a diabolical genius she is to use my man to draw me out of hiding? ;D

Someday when I am very old, I will look back to give some thanks


for all of those who stood beside me when my heart was sore

and felt that I was worth the time

was worth a place

was worth their love

and held me up and gave me wings

I thank those deeper souls who did

Tumblr Crushes:

holy crap vance man… but see that’s what happens when you post and repost things I have already liked once upon a time. 

to any of my followers who don’t already follow these people, please do yourself and your brain a favor and go follow. some will woo you, some will teach you things. and others will just make you sit back and with a satisfied feeling of that was awesome. 



Tumblr Crushes:

see that top one there, that is dennis and you can find him here…

everyone else„, you know what to do… read read read!!!

merisongbird replied to your post: I should be rehearsing my presentation for…

You’ll get to it. I have faith in you! : )

Thank you :) I still get really nervous when I have to stand in front of 30 something people and talk, loud and clear.  I’ll just imagine they’re all naked. I read about that somewhere, tricking your brain when you get nervous in public :D


and not until

the threads are stitched 

they thinly lay against the fray

but that was when on yesterday

it all came loose and you were there

and after still the needle works

the scar of what is left we make

into a pattern, almost like

initials we could carve in time

that we were there, and here

as well

embroidery, the colored lines, the in and out, and sharp that came

has left designs of us behind

a kinder,gentler way

something touched with honey, real

the comb intact, the buzz and feel

the all we want

the all we lack

experiment our way through years

proximity of hands to hold

so fingers touch, entwined or just

like brushed soft whispers tip to tip