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Hands down my favorite video of Elijah Wood.

"Where’s your Pippin now, bitch?"

"Imagine Frodo, Sam, Merry, and Pippin all fighting over who dances with you first on Bilbo’s birthday."

kilithekawaii || imagine

You picked up your book, and hid your face into it. You only wished to avoid your mother, who was insisting you all go to Mr. Bilbo’s birthday party. It wasn’t that you didn’t like him, not at all. Quite unlike others in the Shire, you actually liked him a lot; more after he came back with Gandalf from that little adventure. You were very young, and much shorter than you already are, however the stories he told of trolls and goblins and dragons and elves was like something out of a story book. Nevertheless, you didn’t want to show up and just sit alone all night. You had decided to hide in the bushes, just underneath one of the windows of your house. Although you hadn’t hidden there in years, and you were getting a tad too big for it, it would have to do.

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Elija Woods’ prank interview by his friend Dominic Monahan

I’m approximately half way through these paintings, so I’m making a temp master post for them. RL;TB: Boromir, Éowyn, Galadriel, Legolas, Merry/Pippin, Frodo/Sam.

Have you figured out my color combinations and all the symbols/objects yet? There are some book things thrown in here too.

Fun facts:
Boromir is always modeled off of St. Sebastian. The antlers in Éowyn’s are for Gil-galad’s prophecy. Galadriel sits opposed to Arwen as “the rising sun”. Legolas represents spring or the “new”, while Thranduil represents fall and the diminishing past. Merry and Pippin’s entire image is related to people other than themselves. Sam is the only character that is not object related, as his most important thing is Frodo.

Not a good day.

I started taking new medication and I think this is the reason for what happened today.

I was in 1st period, which is my fashion design class, and halfway through I started having trouble breathing. I had the same thing happen yesterday, but it lessened after a while and was gone once i took a quick nap, so I assumed it was just me being really tired. I didn’t think much of it til we got to French and it got awful. It felt like I was suffocating and every breath was hard— i felt it filling my lungs but it was like there was no oxygen in the air. I eventually couldn’t sit up and just slumped over my desk gasping and my friend Meridoc panicked and told the teacher. She tried to help me walk, but I was shaking so hard and being upright made my head swirl and like I was going to pass out. They had to go get a wheelchair because I just collapsed when I tried to walk. At this point I was crying because my chest felt tight and hurt and I couldn’t think at all except that I couldn’t breathe. When I got into the nurses office, she quickly took my blood pressure and heart rate, and while my blood pressure was just a tad above normal, my heart rate was high. She told me I was having a panic attack and got me to breathe in and out of a bag. By this point, it was de-escalating and I could get in a good breath every so often, but I was still shaking and having trouble. Thank god the nurse was kind and laid me down and told me that I should go home and rest because if stayed in school and got stressed again, it might happen again. She called my mom at her work and since she was still in class, she got my dad to come get me since he had the day off.

I got home and fell asleep around 11:45/55, and woke up at 4:40 to my friend Kaylea calling to see if I was alright because my mom had told her what happened.

I’d never had such an awful panic or anxiety attack before, and it was just awful. I feel better now, my chest is sore and I’m still a little shaky, but mostly okay…