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/shameful whisper/ any possibility of a rec list of as many fics as you can find that feature charles riding erik? /melts back into shadows/

You’ve asked the right people, friend.

Alphabetised by author:

Boardroom Games by ang3lsh1 

“Could you fix me up a coffee real quick? I’m meeting with the Board of Directors in five minutes. Thanks, kid.”

Said intern responds with a cold look and crisp reply, “I happen to be Chair of the Board and I’ll be sitting in on the the merger that you’re supposed to be participating in, Mr. Lehnsherr.”

Mod note: Charles fucks Erik first, and then rides him.

One Drink High by a_q

Erik is an alpha who has never been with an omega before. He likes sex as much as the next person, but he has other priorities in life. So when a younger, very experienced, very forward, and just a little slutty omega sets his sight on Erik, he finds out what he has been missing.

Mod note: This is an interesting take on omegaverse and worth reading for that alone. One of the main premises is loss of virginity, which happens not to the omega, but to the alpha.

Buried a Second Time by Black_Betty

Charles returns to the underworld for the first time since he ate the pomegranate seeds that pulled him back to Olympus. He is more than a little eager to see Erik again.

Mod note: Reunions! Throne room sex!

Eyes on Fire by Black_Betty

Every once in a while, fashion tycoon Emma Frost invites her favourite male models over to entertain her. And by “entertain”, I mean she makes them have kinky consensual sex in front of her….Emma never touches herself when she watches, but she always has a glass of wine with her. Emma likes it best when they eventually forget that she’s watching.

Charles and Erik meet each other through Emma…

Mod note: This is one of my personal favorites. Chapter 4 features a hot hot hot riding scene.

The Trouble With Telepaths by Calico

The first eight times they fucked, Erik came first.

Mod note: Absolutely sexy and hilarious. Erik tries to steer things, but Charles is just not having it.

Pour Some Sugar On Me by ebonytavern 

Erik moves in to his new apartment only to find that his neighbour is a very promiscuous young lad who moans down the building every other night.

It’s hard to get any work done and even more sexually frustrating for him. He has no idea who this young lad is except that when Erik meets him, he’s gonna give him a piece of his mind.

And then he does meet him, and his name is Charles. And Erik doesn’t quite know how to react.

The AU where young 19 year old Charles is adamant on getting into Erik’s pants.

Mod note: Angry sex ahoy!

Wear Sunlight by etirabys 

D/s. Top!sub!Erik. Charles is a mutant activist in a world where defining mutation is no longer simple. Erik is a struggling writer who gave up on the movement years ago.

Charles lets Erik live in his summer villa in the south of France for free, under certain conditions.

(There is porn and talking.)

Mod note: The writing captures Erik’s voice wonderfully well, and Charles is an assured, intelligent, pampering Dom. It’s a powered AU and the worldbuilding is great. What more could you want?

Stage by etirabys

Kinkmeme prompt: Charles (aged 18-20) is interning at Erik’s workplace (wherever/whatever that may be) and winds up riding Erik’s dick in his fabulous ergonomic desk chair, preferably while other people are still just outside in the office.

Mod note: It’s exactly as it says on the tin. If you’ve a penchant for age difference and office sex (like yours truly) this one’s for you.

Hold Back the Rain by euphorbic

Charles Xavier; society darling, powerful political activist, well-known professor, and Dominant.

Erik Lehnsherr; anti-social, international motorcycle racer, and defiant submissive.

Erik is at Sepang in Malaysia for the fourteenth leg of the International World Championship. After doing poorly in qualifying, he’s furious to find he has to take another VIP around the track instead of meeting Charles at the KL airport.

Mod note: This is Tahariel’s D/s Frontseat ‘verse combined with Euphorbic’s Strict Machine

Roses Are Red by ikeracity 

Being a mob boss’ associate has its ups and downs. Having sex in the back of a limo on Valentine’s Day is definitely one of the ups.

Mod note: The bickering is as enjoyable as the smut. Or should I say the smut is as enjoyable because of the bickering?

Pretty Good Options by kageillusionz

“Maybe he will finally get to surprise Erik by popping into his workplace, like he has meant to all these years, and either drag him out to lunch or spend some time christening the office.”

Then again, Charles thinks with a lazy grin as he reaches down to palm himself through his sleeping shorts, both of them sound like pretty good options.“

What happens when Charles is home for mid-semester break and decides to visit Erik during his lunch hour.

Mod note: I liked the mood here. It was affectionate and familiar :)

Quick Study by mistyzeo

Midnight, and Charles can’t sleep. Erik isn’t waiting for him, exactly, but he’s in the study all the same, drinking Charles’s brandy and messing with Charles’s ordered mind. Also he seems determined to test the limits of Charles’s powers, especially when Raven is wandering the halls as well.

Mod note: Unf! Sex in the study! Charles has to try to keep Raven from seeing them mid-sex and it is hilarious.

Spy Vs. Spy by professor

The one where Erik is basically James Bond, and Charles is a rival spy who interrogates him with sex.

Mod note: I thoroughly enjoyed Erik coming undone after being exposed to Charles’…tactics.

Slow Sex by richiexcore

Charles goes to a special place when he’s riding Erik, and Erik LOVES it. From the kink meme.

Mod note: This is a fic from the early days of fandom, but it stays fresh in my mind until now. It’s easily one of the most decadent things I’ve had the fortune of reading.

The Itchy and Scratchy Show by sabinelagrande

Hank’s been doing unnatural things to plants, and Erik just might kill him for it.

Mod note: Sex pollen. Natch.

Allometry by Sonoclipstick

Allometry: In evolution, relative growth of a part in relation to an entire organism or to a standard.

They’d grown and stretched in each others’ absence, but without the other to guide them, the pieces no longer fit together the way they once did.

Mod note: This is a gritty take on the DOFP plane scene. Angst all around and it’s wonderfully written.

Business Propositions by SwiftMint

2nd fill for a kinkmeme prompt wanting illicit office sex. Now with a dash of blackmail for flavoring.

Mod note: Starts off in various positions over various surfaces and ultimately ends with Charles riding Erik on his office chair.

Coax me out of my love low by tahariel

It’s hard enough waiting a year to meet the man you’re engaged to, but harder still when that man doesn’t even want to stay bonded to you. Charles is determined, however, not to let Erik get away.

The Frontseat ‘verse version of the engagement story.

Mod note: This is part 1 of the Frontseat ‘verse. The riding scene is at the last chapter, and it’s well-worth the wait considering how great the worldbuilding and the slowburn is.

Love keeps dragging it out by tahariel

Reverse!Backseat ‘verse, with sub!Erik and Dom!Charles. Charles is patient enough for the both of them, and willing to enforce the rules.

Mod note: This is part 3 of the Frontseat ‘verse, but it can be read as a stand-alone. I really like that Erik truly has no leverage, on his back with his ankles tied to his thighs.

From the Start by treasuredleisure

They were once childhood friends who bonded over their love of the same sport.

Years later they reunite, but as competitors.

And Erik’s still harbouring feelings for his old friend that he’s certain he can no longer hide.

Mod note: This is a great read with actual plot and lots of sexual and romantic tension, which get resolved in the riding scene.

Crazy in Love by velvetcadence 

Erik’s “painfully boring” bachelor party gets shaken up when his fiancé drops by to entertain. Then “painfully boring” becomes “painfully arousing.” Fortunately, Charles knows how to make it up to him with a different kind of dancing altogether.

Alt!Mod note: Sweet, cheeky and hot as hell!

dahniwitchoflight asked:

alt Calliope having Echidna for a denizen makes a lot of sense since Echidna is now the mother of all Denizens, including Yalda, equating her with Sophia, the gnostic Aeon of wisdom and mother of Yalda. Those two represent the two binary ends of two choices, conqueror and martyr. Caliborn and Alt Calliope. whereas our Calliope is better represented by the final gnostic denizen who is the higher being, the ultimate merger of all opposites and creator of all things, Abraxas! the third choice!

As a person who sucks hard at mythology myself, all I have to say is “well I guess that sounds swell”?

So you’re saying that Caliborn gets his choice from Yaldabaoth, doomed predominated alt!Calliope gets her choice from Echidna, and maybe the theoretical scratched fully-merged red/green swirl alt!Calliope gets Abraxas? I suppose it’d work? I dunno. We’re in damned theoretical territory, here.

…or on a second read, I guess you’re saying that THIS, dead Calliope has to meet– well wait a minute.

That’s a bit of a novel concept. A dead Calliope perhaps needing to speak with a dream Denizen? It’d certainly be something. I’m not sure how much I’m willing to believe that’s possible, but… if this version of Calliope is going to have some importance, too, it makes sense that she’d see a Denizen in some form at some point, doesn’t it?

(This post is an interesting pile of extreme hypotheticals.)

Welcome to the world’s largest book publisher: Penguin-Random House merger complete

Random House parent company Bertelsmann and Penguin parent company Pearson announced Monday that the merger of the two publishers is complete, thus resulting in the world’s largest book publisher: Penguin Random House.

The merger follows approval by the U.S., Canada, the EU, Australia, New Zealand and China.

Random House CEO Markus Dohle will serve as CEO of Penguin Random House; Bertelsmann owns 53 percent of the combined company, and Penguin owns 47 percent. Combined, the companies publish over 15,000 books annually and have 10,000 employees, with revenues of $3.9 billion.

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Netflix offers a technical take on why a “fast lane” for data is a bad strategy, and why the Comcast/TWC merger shouldn’t be allowed:

Comcast does not carry Netflix traffic over long distances. Netflix is itself shouldering the costs and performing the transport function for which it used to pay transit providers. Netflix connects to Comcast in locations all over the U.S., and has offered to connect in as many locations as Comcast desires. So Netflix is moving Netflix content long distances, not Comcast.

Nor does Comcast connect Netflix to other networks. In fact, Netflix can’t reach other networks via Comcast’s network. 

For all these reasons, Netflix directly interconnects with many ISPs here in the U.S. and internationally without any exchange of fees. 

In sum, Comcast is not charging Netflix for transit service. It is charging Netflix for access to its subscribers. Comcast also charges its subscribers for access to Internet content providers like Netflix. In this way, Comcast is double dipping by getting both its subscribers and Internet content providers to pay for access to each other. 

Side note: Here’s FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler rebuking critics of the commission’s proposed net neutrality strategy.

EU mergers and takeovers (Oct 18)

APPROVALS AND WITHDRAWALS:N– Mitsubishi Corp to acquire a stake in Czech auto car body maker Sungwoo Hitech from South Korea’s Sungwoo Hitech Co Ltd (approved Oct. 17)– Private equity firm CVC Capital Partners to acquire a stake in international health club operator Virgin Active (approved Oct. 14)– A joint venture led by Gores Group LLC to acquire clothing retailer Mexx from Liz Claiborne Inc (approved Oct. 17)NEW LISTINGS:– Dutch conglomerate Philips Electronics NV to acquire lighting product company Indal (notified Oct. 17/deadline Nov. 23)EXTENSIONS AND OTHER CHANGES:– German sugar company Suedzucker to acquire a 25 percent stake in British commodities trading company ED&F Man (notified Sept. 19/deadline extended to Nov. 9 from Oct. 24 after Suedzucker offered commitments)FIRST-STAGE REVIEWS BY DEADLINEOCT 20– Dutch bank AEGON’s Spanish unit to acquire a 50 percent stake in Spanish life insurer Cajaburgos Vida, part of Banca Civica (notified Sept. 15/deadline Oct. 20/simplified)OCT 26– German property operator ECE and German retailer Metro to set up a joint venture (notified Sept. 21/deadline Oct. 26)– U.S.-based Seagate Technology to acquire Samsung Electronic’s hard disk drive business (notified April 19/deadline extended for the second time to Oct. 26 from Oct. 10)– U.S. equipment maker Caterpillar to acquire German maker of gas and diesel engine maker MWM Holding GmbH (notified March 14/deadline extended to Oct. 26 from Sept 16 after Commission opens in-depth investigation and despite commitments offered)OCT 28– U.S. company Dow Chemical and Japanese trading house Mitsui to set up a Brazilian joint venture (notified Sept. 23/deadline Oct. 28/simplified)– German conglomerate Siemens to acquire Dutch engineering company NEM Holding (notified Sept. 23/deadline Oct. 28)OCT 31– Vitol Investment Holdings, a unit of oil trader Vital , and U.S. energy company ArcLight to acquire joint control of Luxembourg-based Petro Lux (notified Sept. 26/deadline Oct. 31/simplified)NOV 3– Belgian building materials group Etex to acquire German peer Lafarge’s gypsum assets in Europe and South America (notified Sept. 27/deadline Nov. 3)– U.S. healthcare company Johnson & Johnson to acquire Swiss medical devices maker Synthes Inc (notified Sept. 27/deadline Nov. 3)– Private equity group TPG Capital LP to acquire a stake in Danish online brokerage Saxo Bank from Portugal’s Banco Espirito Santo (notified Sept. 27/deadline Nov. 3/simplified)NOV 7– Danish dairy coperative Arla Foods to acquire German dairy cooperative Allgauland (notified Sept. 15/deadline extended to Nov. 7 from Oct. 20 after Arla offered commitements)NOV 8– German fruit producer Agrana and Austrian equipment maker RWA to combined their subsidiaries into a joint venture (notified Sept. 30/deadline Nov. 8)NOV 10– U.S. cleaning and pest-control services company Ecolab to acquire water treatment services company Nalco Holding (notified Oct. 4/deadline Nov. 10)NOV 14– German industrial services company Buchen Industrieservice to acquire German technical services company ThyssenKrupp Xervon (notified Oct. 6/deadline Nov. 14/simplified)NOV 15– German natural gas supplier Verbundnetz Gas Aktiengesellschaft to sell a 25.1 percent stake in VNG Austria to CE Gas Marketing & Trading (notified Oct. 7/deadline Nov. 15/simplified)NOV 17– U.S. agribusiness company Cargill to acquire KoroFrance, the holding company of Dutch animal feed maker Provimi from private equity firm Permira (notified Oct. 11/deadline Nov. 17)– French company Caisse des Depots et Consignations to acquire 50 percent of a Paris real estate from a subsidiary of French insurer Axa (notified Oct. 11/deadline Nov. 17/simplified)– French power and transport engineering group Alstom and Bouygues subsidiaries Bouygues Immobilier and Exprim SAS to form a joint venture (notified Oct. 11/deadline Nov. 17/simplified)NOV 30– U.S. technology company Western Digital Corp to acquire Hitachi’s hard disk drive business (notified April 20/deadline extended for the fourth time to Nov. 30 from Nov. 9 after Western Digital offered remedies)– U.S. conglomerate General Electric, Russian energy producer and importer Inter Rao Ues and Russian engine maker United Engine Corporation to set up a joint venture (notified Sept. 30/deadline Nov 9/simplified)DEC 13– Deutsche Boerse and NYSE Euronext to merge (notified June 29/deadline extended to Dec. 13 from Aug. 4 after Commission opens in-depth probe)GUIDE TO EU MERGER PROCESSDEADLINES:The European Commission has 25 working days after a deal is filed for a first-stage review. It may extend that by 10 working days to 35 working days, to consider either a company’s proposed remedies or an EU member state’s request to handle the case.Most mergers win approval but occasionally the Commission opens a detailed second-stage investigation for up to 90 additional working days, which it may extend to 105 working days.SIMPLIFIED:Under the simplified procedure, the Commission announces the clearance of uncontroversial first-stage mergers without giving any reason for its decision. Cases may be reclassified as non-simplified – that is, ordinary first-stage reviews – until they are approved.

China Business Law: Recent Updates & Commentary

For your reference, a roundup of recent China-related business updates and legal commentary, including analysis of the Ministry of Commerce’s security review system for foreign M&A of domestic companies and other foreign direct investment into China developments:

On Foreign Direct Investment into China…

China Implements a Security Review System for Certain Mergers and Acquisitions of Domestic Enterprises by Foreign Investors (Sheppard Mullin Richter & Hampton LLP):

“The Chinese State Council has officially implemented a Security Review System for Mergers and Acquisitions of Domestic Enterprises by Foreign Investors based on a set of interim rules issued earlier this year. Mergers and acquisitions by foreign acquirers will be reviewed under the Review System based on factors such as the target’s industry, the type of M&A, and the right to de facto control. Foreign acquirers must submit an application to China’s Ministry of Commerce for review prior to certain mergers or acquisitions of a domestic enterprise.” Read more>>

China Implements New Laws in Foreign-Related Products Liability Cases (Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan, LLP)

“In 2010, the People’s Republic of China enacted two laws that together will substantially affect all civil litigation in China – and, in particular, product liability litigation regarding foreign entities. The Law of the Application of Law for Foreign-Related Civil Relations of the PRC covers almost all aspects of the application of law in foreign-related civil cases. The Tort Law of the PRC comprehensively governs tort liabilities. This article will focus on the provisions of these laws relevant to product liability disputes, particularly as they affect foreign entities.” Read more>>

New Law Boosts U.S. Employers’ Costs for Deploying Workers to China (Armstrong Teasdale LLP):

“Foreign expatriates working in China are now required to participate in, and contribute to, China’s Social Security System under the recently passed ‘Interim Measures for Social Insurance Coverage of Foreigners Working within the Territory of China’. Generally, the new law, which went into effect on October 15, 2011, forces expatriates working in China to contribute to the social security systems of both China and their home country and substantially increases the costs to employers for deploying workers to China.” Read more>>

China Market Access Improves for Foreign Shipowners (Richard Kimber):

“The Circular Strengthening the Administration of the Wholly Foreign-owned Shipping Companies Examination and Approval was issued by The Ministry of Transport On August 22, 2011. The Circular relaxes the access conditions and scope of business for Wholly Foreign-owned Shipping Companies.” Read more>>

On Theft of Trade Secrets…

A Runaway Train? Citing Secret Stolen by Chinese Competitor, ITC Derails Import of Railway Wheels, and Federal Circuit Affirms (Sutherland Asbill & Brennan LLP):

“Overseas manufacturers have long known that their products manufactured abroad can be excluded from importation into the U.S. if they infringe U.S. patents, trademarks or copyrights. But a new decision by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit has expanded the list of acts that can result in the exclusion of articles from import to the U.S. market.” Read more>>

Another Instance of Alleged Trade Secret Misappropriation Results in Federal Criminal Indictment (International Lawyers Network):

“U.S. v. Pu presents another instance of a trade secret theft case with an international component that the federal authorities have decided to prosecute. Yihao Pu, a former quantitative financial engineer for Citadel LLC, was arrested last Wednesday for allegedly stealing proprietary information related to the Chicago-based company’s trading system as part of a plan to launch his own hedge fund in China.” Read more>>

Once Again, An Alleged International Trade Secrets Heist Draws A Federal Indictment (International Lawyers Network):

“Last week, Chunlai Yang, a former senior software engineer for Chicago-based CME Group, Inc., was indicted in federal court in Chicago and charged with two counts of theft of trade secrets. In the indictment, the government alleges that Yang stole the global exchange operator’s proprietary source code while pursuing, and in furtherance of, business plans to improve a chemical electronic trading exchange in China.” Read more>>

On China-related Compliance…

Watts Water: Don’t Get Caught on the (FCPA) Slow Boat to China (Thomas Fox):

“Last week, the Securities and Exchange Commission instituted a Cease and Desist Order again Watts Water Technologies, Inc. (WWT) and one of its employees, Leesen Chang (Chang). The Order was to obtain certain civil penalties and fines for conduct of WWT and Chang concerning violations of the books and records and internal control provisions of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act for its China operations.” Read more>>

China Announces Legal Changes That May Broaden Power to Investigate Bribery (Bryan Cave):

“… the National People’s Congress of the People’s Republic of China released the draft Criminal Procedure Law Amendment to the public for comment, … expected to provide additional protection to the civil rights of accused parties, including the right to privately confer with an attorney and blocking evidence collected through coercion. However, critics say that the Draft Amendment would also provide authorities legal cover to utilize secret locations to detain subjects suspected of engaging in acts involving national security, terrorism, or other serious crimes which may include serious bribery.” Read more>>

SciClone FCPA Lawsuit Settlement: New Enhanced Best Practices? (Thomas Fox)

“SciClone has a large amount of its business in China and on its website announces, ‘SciClone’s goal is to grow sales of our significant marketed portfolio in China’. As noted by LaCroix, ‘The existence of the FCPA investigation underscores the challenges facing companies attempting to do business in China.’ This ‘China-centric’ business focus may have led to some of the issues involved in the FCPA investigation.” Read more>>

Related Commentary and Analysis

Global Tax Highlights - A focus on China, Europe and the United States (McDermott Will & Emery):

“The 2009–2010 exercise where the Chinese State Administration of Taxation required 10 large-scale multinational companies in China to conduct tax self-investigations proved effective to China tax authorities as a means to collect tax revenues from foreign enterprises (and their Chinese subsidiaries).” Read more>>

China Briefing (Reed Smith)

“Life Sciences Health Industry China Briefing summarizes the business, regulatory and legal developments during August 2011 in China important for drug, device, and life science/health care companies.” Read more>>

See also:

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Justice Department attempts to block AT&T merger with T-Mobile
  • then A while back, AT&T announced it would attempt to purchase T-Mobile for $39 billion, in an attempt to shore up deficiencies in its wireless network. Other companies and consumer groups, most notably Sprint, loudly complained.
  • now Now the Justice Department’s trying to block the merger. “AT&T’s elimination of T-Mobile as an independent, low-priced rival would remove a significant competitive force from the market,” their complaint said. *BOOM.* source

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Netflix Inc. (NASDAQ:NFLX) blasted Comcast’s proposed acquisition of Time Warner in a letter to the Federal Communications Commission Monday, saying the deal would give the combined company the “ability to turn a consumer’s Internet experience into something that more closely resembles cable television.”

You’d expect Netflix to be wary of the deal, given they’re the largest and second-largest companies providing an on-ramp to the Internet, and control the pipes through which Netflix streams its content to subscribers. But the petition asking the FCC to block the deal spells out Netflix’s misgivings: that the two cable companies would impose the cable business model on the Web, and change the very nature of the open Internet in the process.

“The combined entity would have the incentive and ability – through fees charged at interconnection points and by other means – to harm Internet companies, such as online video distributors, which Applicants view as competitors,” Netflix said.

Netflix urged the FCC to block the deal, citing the conditions imposed on the merger of AT&T Inc. (NYSE:T) and MediaOne 14 years ago. That deal would have resulted in the control of nearly 40 percent of U.S. broadband households, but the federal government imposed conditions that forced AT&T to divest cable systems to get under the 30 percent threshold.

Netflix is already paying both Comcast Corp. (NASDAQ:CMCSA) and Time Warner Cable Inc. (NYSE:TWC) “terminating access fees” to assure their streams perform well for customers, payments the company says it was forced to make after access the cable companies used their control over interconnection pathways to allow content to “degrade.”

Netflix is in a vulnerable position because it offers a service that is bandwidth-intensive, but it doesn’t own the pipes through which the service is delivered. The Los Gatos, California, company says it believes there are four ISPs with the market power to harm online video providers, and Comcast-Time Warner Cable account for two of them.

Netflix argues that it’s already paying huge fees to content delivery networks to route film and TV on the Web “to carry all that requested traffic all the way to Comcast’s doorstep” only to pay again, even though Comcast is charging consumers for high-speed broadband.

M&A is on the Way!

At these levels, one would think it is only a matter of time before we start to see some headline grabbing M&A activity.  That said, companies are likely skid-dish here regardless of the attractive levels.  Let’s take a look at some of the basic pros & cons of M&A.


  • Valuations are extremely attractive as a result of the 17% drop in the S&P 500 since May 2, 2011 highs
  • Corporations are holding a record amount of cash on their books
  • As a result of the 2008 financial crisis, corporations are in some of their most efficient “lean & mean” states.  Near max productivity per employee, operating at low labor costs, etc
  • Borrowing costs are at historic lows


  • Commodity prices are still high, increasing costs of goods sold.  These prices can be hedged and/or passed through to the consumer, but the increased volatility in commodities prices is likely messing with corporate executives a bit.
  • Valuations are attractive, but there is still a ton of concerning global economic news hanging over corporate executives heads.
  • Political risk is a factor, and the uncertainty regarding the political landscape coupled with the 2012 presedential election around the corner has to be swaying corporations away from M&A interests for the time being.

Bottom Line: These valuations should alleviate some of the basic concerns displayed here.  That said, there are far more advanced items that execs must ponder on a case by case basis.  Regardless, we expect to see some big M&A activity in the very near future which in turn should bring some confidence back into this market. 

NASDAQ launches hostile bid for New York Stock Exchange

NASDAQ OMX CEO Bob Greifeld said: “The NYSE Euronext Board has continually challenged the seriousness of our proposal and refused to engage us in discussion despite the positive feedback we have received from their stockholders.  The commencement of this exchange offer should convince the NYSE Euronext Board of the seriousness of our intentions.  We continue to welcome the opportunity to enter into meaningful discussion with the NYSE Euronext Board in order to achieve a transaction that is in the best interests of their stockholders.”

Deals of the day -- mergers and acquisitions

** MTN Group , Africa’s largest mobile operator, is in talks to acquire Vodacom’s wireless unit in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Bloomberg said on Tuesday, citing two unidentified sources.** Danone SA is in talks with Japanese beverage firm Suntory Holdings about a sale of the French group’s water assets, Bloomberg News reported on Tuesday.** Saudi Arabia’s Savola Group on Monday signed an agreement to buy a 78 percent stake in two Egyptian firms for 557 million Egyptian Pounds ($97.8 million), it said in a statement on Tuesday.** Danish energy group DONG Energy will enter the UK natural gas sales market through the acquisition of gas sales and marketing company Shell Gas Direct, part of energy group Royal Dutch Shell Plc (RDSa.L), for 30 million pounds ($47.3 million).** ITV , Britain’s biggest free-to-air commercial broadcaster, has agreed to buy Channel Islands broadcaster Channel Television from Yattendon, bringing an independent corner of its regional network under its ownership.** Taiwan smartphone maker HTC Corp said on Tuesday it plans to buy Inquisitive Minds, a U.S. maker of children’s software, for $13 million to expand its offering of applications.

A really interesting post from Rachael Tatman about looking for regional dialect vowel differences on twitter: 

How did I show this? Well, first I picked a really well-studied sociolinguistic variable called the low back merger. If you don’t have the merger (most African American speakers and speakers in the South don’t) then you’ll hear a strong difference between the words “cot” and “caught” or “god” and “gaud”. 

Or, to use the example above, you might have a difference between the words “talk” and “tock”. “Talk” is little more backed and rounded, so it sounds a little more like “tawk”, which is why it’s sometimes spelled that way. I used the Twitter public API and found a bunch of tweets that used the “aw” spelling of common words and then looked to see if there were other variant spellings in those tweets. And there were.

Furthermore, the other variant spellings used in tweets also showed features of Southern American English or African American English. Just to make sure, I then looked to see if people were doing the same thing with variant spellings of sociolinguistic variables associated with Scottish English, and they were. (If you’re interested in the nitty-gritty details, my slides are here.)

(The slides are definitely worth checking out, by the way.) 

AT&T learns an important lesson about massive mergers
  • then In an effort to expand its mobile base, AT&T attempted to buy T-Mobile for $39 billion a couple years back, only to be rebuffed by federal regulators due to antitrust concerns. The situation was very costly for AT&T, which had to pay a $4 billion break-up fee over the failure of the deal.
  • now Clearly finding that a mobile merger is not in the cards, AT&T announced a $48.5 billion buyout attempt of satellite giant DirecTV. Unlike the T-Mobile deal, no break-up fee is tied to the purchase—on AT&T’s end. If another suitor is found by DirecTV, however, the TV company will have to pay the phone company $1.4 billion in fees. source