it’s been a while since i put a sketch on this blog
anyway, i’ve gotta drop the bara on my actual artblog soon so have some scribbles of piers and chris„ used a regular red pen and drew them while i was lying on my back so it came out eeeven messier than ever
oh and btw shirtless because muscles and hair

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Wow okay so like a week ago I wrote a half-assed Merthur tag fic on and off for hours and then I clicked backspace and I lost so much of it and I was way too tired to continue it, but I saved it to Google with an idea and was like, “Hey, I can finally do an actual Merlin fic!” And now I guess that could be motivation for writing, to have one out while the show’s still going. I could write after Christmas too, something with an appropriate amount of angst and fluff and happy ending to help sooth my own and all our broken hearts :D I should have a stroll around Merlin prompts.  Merlin/someone else prompts you want to have filled?