Fairy Tail Christmas Fanfic - 'The arms of the ocean'

Wonderful Snogfairy and I paired up to do this fanart-fanfic collaboration, especially for her dear friends okerii and kagi-horuda (happy b-day you two!)



Jellal, Meredy, I’m sorry. In our previous battle, I failed whilst attempting a certain spell. As a result, I haven’t much time left… But… I didn’t want to leave without saying goodbye… My journey ends here. I fell short of accomplishing my intended goals but… Please… Never forget the spirit and resolve of Crime Sorciere. It means to forget not your sins, not be crushed by them, and to hope that one day they’ll be forgiven. It means to never stop loving people. The real fight starts now… As long as Zeref remains alive… Tragedy will continue to befall all mages. Please… Carry on my spirit as well… And continue to fight. I pray… That your journey brings happiness to everyone.