Being only two weeks into the New Year, the window of opportunity is still open for those who want to set new goals. Actually, the window never really closes because anytime is the right time to conjure up new aspirations and strive towards improvement. To help spur new ideas for personal optimization, here are fifteen 30-day challenges designed to help make you a better You…

Day 25: the last movie you watched

Последний полностью просмотренный мной фильм был Хоббит: Битва Пяти Воинств. А неполностью - Хоббит: Нежданное путешествие.

Candy Hearts to Easter Eggs challenge


It’s simple. Give something up or try something new.

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Master's Orders #5 Results: A Day at the Gloryhole

I got a lot of votes for option two, which meant six hours at the gloryhole. I had to suck every cock that came in, and tell them my name, age, and confess how dependent I am on cock.

Master has been really mean to me lately, and has had me edging and waiting a long time for cock. So I wanted to devote myself completely to this. Master offered a ten minute break after three hours, but I said no because in that time I could suck two cocks.

As it turned out, Master liked my excitement and told all of his friends about this. They told their friends, and voila, I had about 12 cocks an hour come through. Master kept perfect count, and 66 guys came in that day so I could suck their cocks. Six of those guys were very resilient, but boy did they cum a lot!

I went in looking like a nice girl ready for a beautiful day, and walked out with make up running, dry and fresh cum all over my face and neck. I went in at 2:00 p.m. and walked out at 8:30 p.m. Apparently I got really excited, and Master didn’t bother telling me.

Just for fun, I’ll let you know my favorite thing to say to these boys while they were putting their cock through the hole:

"Mmmm a nice big cock for Lexi *****!  You know, I’m twenty years old and I’ve never been so happy to see a juicy cock like this. I can’t wait for you to fuck my mouth with this. I can’t believe I almost didn’t come here today, I think I’m going to be wet from this for a while."

Of course there was more, but that was my favorite. Since I did such a good job, Master says I might be able to put up my tits for you all! I just have to be very good to him tonight ;)

Weekly Challenge #72: January 25 2015

The challenge this week comes from a regular compixellateder schazardous

Schazardous contributes to an interesting blog called Offbeat-classes which features a bunch of unusual rpg classes! 

“There’s over 700 classes on the blog, from Abacus Bard to Meme Alchemist to Zombie Psion, and the blog has a random feature as well as tagging all posts by adjective and class for easy searching.” 


Take a class from Offbeat-classes and sprite it! Either go through the blog manually or make use of the random button to find a cool class to draw!

This challenge…

  • can be any size or color
  • needs to be a class from Offbeat-classes. Include the class you picked on your submission too
  • Must be submitted or posted and tagged “compixellated challenge” before Feb 1 2015

Looking forward to all the offbeat class sprites you all make!

Don’t forget about tumblr’s tagging system, and make sure to put the “compixellated challenge” tag in the first 5 tags

Remember that we always need challenge ideas so send yours in. Also that if you want us to critique your work let us know on your post. 

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  • What is a Green Smoothie Challenge?

Is a perfect program that is as simple, easy and healthy. The aim is to change your lifestyle, not put you on a crash diet. The recipes and detox program is 100% free, the challenge starts in February – Check out here.

  • Benefits of Green Smoothie Challenge?

It’s perfect for yout digestion, your metabolism, your health! because boost your immunity system, you’ll look and feel better, increased energy, your skin will shine, your mood will improve, fewer cravings and you’ll lose some pounds, seriously! It’s like a fast food but healthy and delicious, » without any starvation «.

  • How Can I Be Part Of This?

+ Must follow me ( yogipeach )

+ Reblog this post share the love.

+ Tag #SmoothieLovers 

  • When Will Start?

February 1st.

  • How Will Work? 

I will post the recipes one week before the challenge starts.

The detox  program you can find it here!

You can share your photo smoothies, what do you like, what doesn’t like, which one is your favorite? etc…

Who is with me?