and you asked why I don't like to be touched,

Once, awhile ago, I trusted someone
And I gave him everything I had.
Sometimes I was given no choice as to what I want.
They never cared about what I had to say or do.
They pushed down my opinions and feelings until they squandered the fire in my heart.
I began to only see gray in my eyes, it was everywhere I looked. And then he got angry, so angry at me. He had a problem with his temper. And he grabbed me, so hard. Sometimes I place my hands where his were and I swear I can feel it still bruised.He had a lightning fast temper and he was more mercurcial than a bull. I never knew where I stood with him. And then he grabbed me. And I promised myself, I said it, I said I would never let someone treat me like that. I would never let someone hurt me like that. I said I wouldn’t let someone grab me like that.