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erichmanstein asked:

Here's another, cus you're an ass. WHAT IF: The Silver Company hadn't been completely fucking wiped off the face of the planet cus they are a bunch of losers, and had instead survived all that terrible shit? Would they still be mercin' around or would they be a part of the Royal Army? How would it have changed Asuryan's life?

Remember when Manstein broke into Asuryan’s office and Asuryan kind of laughed it off?

Asuryan still laughs it off. But as Manstein turns to leave the meeting, BY GOD, GEVIN FROM THE ROPES WITH A CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL! Manstein is on dream street, he’s staggering– Dalson! Dalson! By god, Dalson with the german suplex! Tyladrin is picking him up! F5! F5! F5 to Manstein from Tyladrin Starfire! Gneron from the top with a frog splash! Rowthe has him in a sharpshooter! He’s tapping! He’s tapping! Manstein is tapping but Rowthe won’t let go!