Finally got pushed into making a page for all the Fluffle Puff merchandise stuff.
I’m still working on it and trying to find more people to add.
But everyone on that list has taken the time to get my permission. They even talk to me on a personal level and on a regular basis. They were even kind enough to offer me some of the profits. I know some of these people quite well. They’ve become my friends and I trust them.
So if you desperately want to support me, I would suggest getting something from that page. Not only will you be helping me, but you’ll be helping the nice people who make it all. And you’ll get something nifty. Especially those pendants. Those are too neat. <3

Except for Rebubble. It barely helps me. That’s just kind of there mostly for the fans who want general stuff. I even kept the percentages at the default. But they did add pillows and tote bags recently. So they’re getting some nice stuff. Also blankets. I might try making a Fluffle Puff blanket. Like a collage of popular posts or something…

Anyway, this will probably be the only time I announce that page. Unless I do major updates or something. But I added a button to the side of the main blog page called “Fluffle Puff Merchandise.” So if you’re interested, just give it a quick click every couple months or so to see what’s going on.

And speaking of support, I’d like to give a really big thank you to all of you who have been randomly donating to me. You really didn’t have to. But it sure does help and mean a lot. Like, for real.

Love you all.
Hearts and wiggles~ ♥♥♥♥♥

PS: This post will probably explode in a couple weeks. I’m trying to clean up the blog a little and keep it mostly answers and fanart. ♥

5sos Tees


So I know I’ve been pushing my Ashton shirt recently, but I thought since I had these designs lying around there was no point in wasting them.

Here’s my Ashton shirt, Luke shirt, and just a normal 5sos shirt (I’m working on a Calum and Michael one hopefully).

All the prices on the shirts are the same. All shirt styles and tank tops are $15 regardless of design, and all hoodies are $25 dollars regardless of design.

You have 19 days left on the Ashton t-shirt, and 24 days left on Luke and 5sos t-shirts.

Please check it out, and let me know what you think. Because of the goal-system on teespring it has to reach 30 in sales on the Ashton shirt and 20 in sales on Luke and 5sos before it will actually print, so keep that in mind when you’re waiting for it to ship.

If it doesn’t reach the necessary goal to be profitable you will not be charged any money for the canceled shirt.

You can buy them all here. Thanks for the support :D

On a serious note, recently I’ve developed a really bad case of anxiety, especially in large social gatherings, and though it sounds dumb I got these two keychains so they could help me, and it’s actually worked. Kratos here reminds me to keep a cool head, Lloyd reminds me to be myself, and together they remind me I’ve still got a family (related or not, it doesn’t matter) who cares about me even when they think I’m an idiot.

That sounds really cheesy but it’s all fact.


My goodies from today. I fell in love with the milk stuff so my mum treated me to the badge.

I got myself some writing paper for the writing of the compeition fic. But it’s secret paper until the winner receives it!!

I also found these super cute, happy turd topped pens. It reads, ‘Loves crazy shit wow - We all love crazy shit, so we have it!!!’ I naturally had to buy two.

Finally I purchased the quite obviously not-official-merchandise phonecharms and loaded my phone with all of them.