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The Sebastian one~

Currently there are 3 figures up for preorder! 

Sega Premium Figure 1,790yen (USD 16.45)


Real Action Heroes (689)  22,000yen *no discount* (USD 202.21)



Aniplex+ 9,000yen (USD 82.72)

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Jet, look look!  There’s a new Sailor Moon mobile video game out now!  I think it’s only available in Japan for now, but since we in the US have been getting a lot of the new items and the new anime is being released worldwide, fingers crossed this is eventually released over here too!!  The graphics look so cute!!!!

Oh damn, that DOES look cute. I have no idea what’s going on, but I know that I would for a fact buy it given the slightest opportunity.


yaca Updates Official Instagram With More NU’EST x yaca collection

It was announced yesterday that jewelry brand yaca will be releasing the rings as shown in NU’EST’s Shalala Ring teaser, and they have since updated their official Instagram account with more photos!

As mentioned, the five-stone Shalala Ring (the top ring as seen in the cupcake photo, above Ren’s Initial Color Ring) retails at ¥25,920, while the individual members’ Initial Color Ring retails at ¥14,850. The rings are definitely on the pricey side, but it is to note that this limited edition rings contain colored diamonds.

These pieces are available for pre-order starting 1 October either at the yaca booth at GirlsAward 2014, or online via their official site, and is said to be available for order to international fans. Please take special note of potential shipping fees when ordering, international L.O.ㅅ.Es!

Source: yaca Instagram