First Meetings || Samcedes & Samuel Masterton-Evans II

Glancing in the mirror Mr Evans straightened his tie. He hoped Mercedes would like him. Knowing how much Sam loved her was important, so he had to be on his game. “Hurry up son, I need you to bring that cheesecake too. I must make a good impression.” he smiled and walked toward the door. “chop chop Sammy, time is a wasting. I do not want to be late for my first dinner with the love of your life.” he relayed tucking a photo album beneath under his arm.


Seeing Greece || Samcedes, Angelo & Sophia

Sam got up early that next day, excited to see Greece with his wife and friends. He went and jumped in the shower and a few minutes later he was out with a towel wrapped around his waist, heading over to the side of the bed where Jazzy slept. He kissed her sweetly on her cheek, “Wake up baby, we have a great day planned for us.” He gently nudged her to wake up.