Midtown, Miami.

This is not Subway or Quiznos. Directly from Spain, here you will get tapas sized sandwiches for around $1 or $3 each. With more than 50 combinations to choose from, it’s going to take you a while to try them all. You can also choose a side of French Fries, Olives, etc. The beer and the wine are good and cheap too. The location and decoration makes you feel back in Barcelona, so it’s a great place to go for Happy Hour.

Conclusion: Good, Cheap, Beer, Wine…I loved it. You will too.

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Sin circle lens x3… y de compras en el mercadito cerca de mi casa ♡

Mu favorite shop in #Paris @colette !!❤️😉👍
Mi Tienda favorita de #Paris @colette sin ninguna duda ( no incluyo los mercaditos Vintage !!😉🇫🇷❤️👠👗👛👓
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(en Collette)

Muchas personas subestiman el poder de los Vegetales. Sabias que los vegetales tienen proteinas tambien? La cantidad de proteínas de los champiñones por ejemplo, es de 4,25 g. por cada 100 gramos. Las proteínas que tiene los champiñones, se usan en nuestro organismo para crear nuevas proteínas, responsables de construir tejidos, como los de nuestra masa muscular, y regular los fluidos del organismo entre otras funciones. A mi me encantan.. Los preparo con un poco de ajo y aceite de oliva. Les presento mi cena de hoy. Los compre en un mercadito en Baruta👌 #yourdietmethod #generacionverde

Last winter, I set out to understand my camera more through portraits. With the most recent model of the Instax, Fuji integrated more options to control light. Before you had 4 settings now you have over 25 combinations of setting to get the best outcome. Before, capturing golden light was blown out due to the constant flash, now with the Bulb setting, catching that light at it’s purest was finally possible.

I decided to do portraits because controlling the light is the whole game.  Plus I miss grabbing a friend and telling them to “sit here and look there.” This was my first attempt to catch some natural light on film with Doro. 

Taken at a time when Bowling Green was given a lovely blanket of the white stuff. Walking back from the best restaurant for tacos, Mercaditos, I recall a while back, spotting this lovely fabric chair displaced in a backyard, between the road and an alley way and I knew, I needed to take a portrait there. This was the result.