If anyone has any scars, read this

I have a lot of scars. Whilst I have some that are just surface scars and are red or purple and will eventually fade to white, I also have a few that are raised, or really dark and get hot or irritated when I wear tight clothes (which I do). My mum was scouring the shops for a cream or gel or dressing for scars that would stop this irritation and found one called Mepiform. Anyway I went to my GP and asked for the NHS equivalent of Mepiform which is somewhat like the silicone plasters you can buy from Boots or where-ever that a meant to apparently decrease the redness and obvious appearance of scars. I don’t actively want to get rid of my scars (because I like them and think they’re pretty and tell a story) but my mother doesn’t exactly feel the same, and so I actually got a prescription for Mepiform. After applying the Mepiform bandages (which are like sort of jelly-lined normal plasters available in different sizes; I just got the biggest and cut to size) my scars are significantly reduced. I was actually shocked when I took them off, it’s crazy how much their colour is gone and how flattened they’ve become. So yeah Mepiform is available on the NHS and I would definitely ask if it could do any good for you because it has made loads of my scars far better-looking.