«Mephistophile cito veni.
Cito veni, cito veni, cito veni, Eleyson».

Herpentil, J. G., Liber Spirituum potentissimorum, seu Compendium Magiæ innaturalis nigræ Continens […] Der dreÿfache heimliche und unerforschliche und approbirte Doct. Johann Fausts Höllen Zwang genannt nebst Cabula Nigra sam[m]t Schwartzer Mohren Stein oder Pentaculum Nigrum [ca. 1700]

Source: http://www.klassik-stiftung.de/

If someone has a transcription of this manuscript, please contact me.

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mephisto-philes said:

Do you have any fics where dean is extremely wealthy?

In general, you’d probably like our celebrity and actor!dean tags and then there’s royalty type stuff on the medieval and fairy tale tags (royalty ask). There’s also this poor!cas ask (Dean is usually better off in those fics). Ymmv, but Dean Smith fics might be of interest to you. I wouldn’t call him wealthy in most of them but he’s at least well off (Dean Smith fics are on our it’s a terrible life tag).

Here’s some fics that come to mind:


Genus Pudú

this genus is comprised of two species of south american deer (P.puda, P.mephistophiles) the southern and northern pudú respectively. they are the worlds smallest deer, they can be found in Ecuador, Peru and Argentina. true to their record they are very small growing up to 33in long and 17in tall. they are usually a reddish brown or dark brown color with males only having horns. they inhabit temperate rainforests and live off a diet of mostly plant material. they are listed as vulnerable by the IUCN due to overhunting and habitat loss.




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the first series’ main antagonist is shit. :/ well the whole series too except the the part before Hughes was killed. fmab is much more better; with better plotting and more developed characters.

Yes exactly! The only thing wrong with brotherhood is the first few eps are a little rushed but if you watched the first series you should be cool and know whats going on anyways. 

mephistophileがあなたの投稿に返信しました: Welp It’s decided. I’m saving up for vol. 2 as…

wut happened to yukio’s moles—— D8 tell us

Well, he was in the bathroom counting them (apparently he has a million). He notices a few forming the Big Dipper on his chest and freaks out. Then there’s suddenly one on his nipple, blinking, and the moles start multiplying all over his body

Then he wakes up XD It continues in the second volume :3