• men:women are bitches women are sluts women are cunts women are stupid women are whores women need to know their place women should be honoured that a man would want to rape them
  • women:men sure are assholes. women are beautiful and strong
  • men:oh ho ho! you see! this... this is the problem with feminism! stop acting like women are superior, that's not feminism! hate breeds hate. no wonder feminists are called feminazis!

Hey guys! :D This is my first follow forever (at least on this blog) and I am happy to say that I have reached over 1000 followers! I am really honored and thankful for all the likes, reblogs, follows and friendships that I have gained here. My blog is only a few months old, so I am really surprised that I received so much love, so quickly. I am not really good with words and sentimental stuff, so let’s proceed to the main event.

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Thank you all! <3 I have made a lot of precious friends here, and I would like to tell you that you are all amazing people! <3  I love you all! <3 Big thank you to my followers for putting up with me hehe (especially those who read my tags LOL) XD

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People who threaten to bomb anything for any reason are mentally ill. People who rape or abuse other human beings in any way are mentally ill. In my humble opinion, maybe the problem here is not so much "most men" as it is people with destructive mental illnesses.

yaaas carry on being an ableist piece of shit and demonising people with mental illnesses as if they aren’t dehumanised enough as it is!! carry on placing the blame on the mentally ill instead of taking responsibility for what MEN DO very original idea let’s blame the mentally disabled! like people haven’t been doing that for centuries!! but let me ask you this: when last did you see a mentally ill woman shoot up a school because she got rejected by men? when last have you heard about mentally ill women threatening to bomb a college because a man tried to have a talk about social justice there? if people who do those things are all mentally disabled then how come you don’t hear stories about women with disabilities doing this kind of shit? fuck you you ableist trash mentally disabled people are not the problem here MEN ARE 

"Manolo, I’m sorry… Chakal, he— the whole town— I’m so sorry. We tried our best, but…"

"It’s okay, Joaquin."


"M-Manolo? What’s wrong with—"

"It’s okay, brother. At least you will be remembered. Everyone in Mexico knows your name."


"No one will ever forget the mighty Joaquin Mondragon."

because about the romanticizing mental illness thing…

exactly how are you sure that those teen girls are faking eating disorders, self harm and depression? how do you know that theyre “faking” mental illness because its “deep” and “tragically beautiful”?

just because theyve made their own little niche in tumblr with their sad greyscale gifs and quotes. theyre faking it? im pretty sure thats called coping. theyre coping by expressing their pain through words and imagery in a space they consider their own little safe haven, their tumblr blog.

i feel like ableism and misogyny plays a giant role in why people feel like teenage girls are “romanticizing” mental illness and “faking” being mentally ill

people frankly dont think teenage girls feelings, experiences and opinions are valid

teenage girls are accused of “faking” so many things. such as being interested in gaming for an example

people always discredit, invalidate, dehumanize and belittle teenage girls. we do not think theyre human beings capable of properly processing the world around them

i could go deeper into this, but im tired and im forgetting alot of stuff that’ll help me articulate my point more properly

I started getting really upset because my mom is engaged to the man she left me dad for. I’ve had plenty of parent issues and constant moving and losing my home and what not. I was cleaning through my room today and found my hospital bracelets, one for anorexia, and two for the suicide attempts. I started crying because I’ve literally been through fucking hell, my hell. The scars I have on my body aren’t there for no reason. The times I couldn’t even go to school because I didn’t fucking eat and it hurt to stand. I know I’ll survive anything, because your biggest enemy is yourself. And sometime sooner or later, you have to make peace, and that’s when you are stronger than anything you will ever face in your life. No one can stop me. No boy that says he loves me then throws me in the trash can’t stop me. The bitches who called me ugly can’t stop me.My mom throwing every promise in the fucking gutter, can’t stop me. I will survive anything and everything. You can too.


I don’t know if I’ve spotlighted the work of Tipsy Duck here, but if you’re into well-animated, surprisingly creepy (or sometimes darkly humorous) SFM, check his work out.

So I found a small part from Levi´s interview. (In chinese so if any native speaking chinese could help out it would be great. I only can read this much what my translator tells me)





What I understood is they mention again the Hanji bathing part which we learned about already in Hanji´s interview about. Levi confirms it. Saying Hanji is dirty while they are on duty and even during holidays. He doesn´t want dirty Hanji close to him? so he calls some soldiers to help clean her.


Yes, Levi you don´t want to be close around such a dirty person yet you are the only one who didn´t give up on her. Making it your life duty to clean her and take care of her. Even during Holidays they spend time together. Levi could clean his own room or any other place in the HQ but instead he watches her and makes sure she is clean and eats. And let´s not forget the headgrabbing scene where he touches the DIRTY HAIR. It´s really hilarious in my eyes.

What Levi says and does are the exact opposites.

Levi be honest already and don´t deny your real feelings 눈_눈

[red enters a big fancy flower shop]

florist: can i help you sir?
red: yes i’d like to buy something beautiful for a very special young woman
florist: i see. what is the intended message?
red: the message?
florist: yes. every flower has a unique meaning. for instance lily symbolizes refined beauty, gerbera conveys cheerfulness, daffodils are for new beginnings
red: ok do you have anything that says “i am deeply, deeply sorry for wiping out your immediate family”?
florist: *stares*
red: *stares back*
florist: i don’t think a bouquet will help resolve this matter, sir
red: *tilts head*
red: *thinks*
red: *tilts head back*
red: you’re absolutely right. one is not enough *glances around* how much for the shop?