You tell everyone
You’re better
Because you so deeply
Wish you were.
But you’re not
And it hurts
That they don’t recognise
The Nothingness
That fake smiles
Can’t quite hide.
They should know
By now
That you say
‘I’m fine’
When you’re falling apart
And people should care
Without promise of paychecks
And you deserve
To be heard
And you need
To be heard.
Do not live a lie
And die for it.
Speak up.
They will hear you.
I hear you.
I hear you.
—  M.S.

Parallels: pilot’s den, 2.01//4.15. Well you do believe people can change, don’t you John?

Because the first thing you do after waking up from fainting in the middle of the street is whisper your ‘mortals enemies’ daughters name like she’s the fucking answer to all your prayers.Then hold her hand tightly as you give her the very thing you took away before you never see her again and gaze at her like you just realized just how much she means to you. But now its too late to tell her that. 

Imagine you and your favorite character waking up in the morning. You make breakfast together, and after eating your favorite character goes to brush their teeth while you do the dishes. After you do the dishes, you go to brush your teeth, and when you’re all done, your favorite character comes to you and says “Oh, so I guess your breath is really fresh now? Good.” And they pull you in for a deep kiss

… honestly, I feel this and I say this every day. It just gets worse. My panic attacks are getting worse, my outlook on my future is getting darker.. I just don’t know what to do. Oh, but I’m fine.. just tired… 

Hi there friend

This sloth is sooo happy

To have a hand to hug

I hope you have something

To hold onto right now

That makes you feel safe

Relaxed, content

Or even happy for a moment

Because even just a little bit

Of positive contact

Can make everything

Feel better for a while


You are all more wonderful than you know. Please remember that even if you believe the worst about yourself and feel alone in the dark, there is always someone out there who can see your light shining.

Take a moment soon and tell someone what they mean to you - whether it’s a parent, a sibling, a lover, a child, a friend, or anyone else. Let’s remind each other that humans are capable of wonderful things, the most important of which is the ability to love someone. Spread some of your light so that others may shine.

I hate being scared all the time. I don’t want to be scared of the future just because of what happened in the past. My mind haunts me with memories of what I just want to forget. And I hate being scared because I know it scares others. This is what mental illness does. It slowly gets you from the inside eating away at every part of your sane self. Making you question yourself over and over again until you believe what happened to you was your fault and that you deserve it. I know I don’t deserve this. No one does.

Sometimes we don’t need someone to comfort us. Sometimes all we need is someone who’s willing to hear us out. To be able to sit in front of us while we break out in tears, while we scream at them, while we have our breakdowns.

Sometimes we just need someone to be there.

That’s all we need. We don’t need a counslor, we don’t need medical care. We just need someone we’ll know is always going to be watching over us.

That’s all that it’ll take sometimes to save someone’s life.