I hope for a hug in 7x10. It doesn’t matter if it’s a little one or a big one or if Jane hugs Lisbon or if it’s the other way around. I just saw a promotional photo of Jane and Lisbon standing in the hospital and looking really sad and shocked (Lisbon more than Jane) and I hope that they’ll hug or at least touch each others arms…that would be emotional and nice to see.


another one of my Jisbon fav! why didn’t I post it here earlier? I don’t understand.

Jane: It’s a fine farewell. I fear you’d become tearful and incoherit, but no. You were sane (?), nobel. Bravo.
Lisbon: Haha! Don’t you have anybody you wanna call, besides Cho and Rigsby?
Jane: No. If I were dying, I’d wanna call you, but you’re already here, so there’s no need.
Lisbon: Me? What would you say?
Jane: Uh…
Lisbon: Wai-wait a minute. If? If I was dying?

we all know what happens then.

(2x16, Code Red)

False expectations?

Recollecting earlier interviews about S7 I can’t stop thinking of some statements:

1) Bruno: “It’s the end of this story, but no one dies.” No comments.

2) Bruno about jisbon romance: “They don’t fool many people for long. At that moment I thought of about 3-4 eps, but they are fooling colleagues for the best part of the season!

3) Simon about jisbon: “Who’s the alpha in the relationship? Who’s the boss at work? And at home? We’re trying to play around with that as much as possible. I haven’t noticed that yet at all.

I know a lot of people aren’t happy with the way season 7 has played out, but personally i have loved every second of it. If they kill off a character next week I will be upset, but I wont be mad at the showrunners, they’re doing what they think is best for the show because its more important to them than it is to us, its like their baby. I love the changes in the jisbon relationship and even loved the way their argument hasn’t been brushed under the rug. You can always ask for more, but with what we’ve been given I’m quite content.