Lisbon does have an amazing ability and strenght to soldier on, but in Byzantium anyone could see that she was going trough a rough time, you can see by her posture and her face and her eyes, that she’s sad and feeling down, she’s worn out and worried… and she’s so pale, even her lips are lacking color.

(Cho… “Now it’s not the time for one of his disappearing acts?” Apologize, now, please.)

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I love this Jisbon “Friendship” series of videos…I can’t get enough of how cute, funny, delightful, lovable and hilarious they are…No other couple can be like them…”The Janes” would be one hell of a series…Bunney have IT in spades…Now, excuse me while I cry my eyes out because I miss them so much…

I really think that Jane having a child will be very good for his fears. I think the thought of what could happen to him in case he lost Lisbon (“I don’t know how I would react”, “I can’t go through that again”) will disappear to good degree from his mind. He seems to be a person that has a natural instinct/predisposition to focus on staying strong to make sure the child is well taken care of. I think it’s an instinct in him that surpasses his traumatic past. So I think it will shift his focus and make him naturally more balanced.