• it doesn’t matter how many pounds you’ve lost or gained
  • how many scars or stitches you have
  • how many times you’ve been to treatment and where you’ve gone
  • how many medical complications you have
  • how many times you’ve been at death’s door
  • how many years you’ve been struggling
  • how many diagnoses you have
  • how many meds you’ve been on
  • how many drug cocktails you’ve tasted
  • or how high you’ve gotten

illness is not a fucking competition

if amanda bynes had depression, everyone would be hailing her for being ‘so inspirational’ and 'lliving with such a tragic illness’

but because she’s schizophrenic, she’s mocked and humiliated by the media and by society for 'outrageous’ and 'hilarious’ behaviour she can’t control

this is why it’s dangerous to leave schizophrenia and psychosis out of your disability activism - because people still think it’s okay to say they support people with mental illnesses, but really only mean the mental illnesses they deem 'normal’ enough to support.

Unlike other illnesses, mental disorders aren’t the type of problems that result in you going to hospital until you’re better.

You won’t find yourself surrounded by family, friends or even doctors which know exactly how to help you.

You won’t be told, “I love you”, or be presented with gifts and get well soon cards.

You won’t have someone to hold your hand until you’re well again, to promise you things will be better, to make you believe it.

Instead, you will be made to feel ashamed, alone and awkward.

You will be presented with unbearable silences, avoidance of the subject, and unwillingness to help.

You will be greeted with arguments, tears and all the stuff no one talks about.

But why should it be any different?

—  the issue with mental illness (n.f.)
Shoutout to everyone with a "scary" mental illness, to everyone whose mental illness gets thrown under the bus when people are trying to prove that the mentally ill aren't violent or evil. You deserve all the same respect and love as those with anxiety or depression and I am so proud of you for fighting.
The quandry experienced by mentally ill people in a society that hates us no matter what we do can be acute. We’re bad if we take medications: We should just try yoga, deep breathing, meditation, a vegetarian diet, something else, something natural, we should just try harder, everyone has bad days sometimes, it’s not that big a deal if you feel sad/angry/edgy sometimes. We’re bad if we go to therapy: We can’t think independently, we’re letting someone with a meaningless degree tell us what to do, we’re wasting money on pointless therapy appointments.

But if we don’t ‘control’ our mental health conditions, then we’re bad. We’re acting ‘crazy’ and people can’t trust us. We’re not dating material, we can’t be trusted to look after children, we can’t be allowed in the workplace, we’re not welcome in social circles, our communities will shove us to the fringes because we can’t be full members of society. Not when we’re all crazy, and especially when we’re ‘off our meds,’ acting ‘insane,’ being ‘batshit.’ When we reach out for help because we’re struggling, you’ll stick us in institutions or shoot us, because we’re crazy, and we don’t have any social value.

Hello friends! To get my blog back up and active again (since classes are over yay!) I would like to start a Mental Illness Awareness Week for Monday, May 5 to Sunday, May 11. Here are the posts I have planned for this coming week:

Monday May 5: mental illnesses in children

Tuesday May 6: mental illnesses in adolescence

Wednesday May 7: mental illnesses in adults

Thursday May 8: organizations reducing mental illness stigmas 

Friday May 9: self care awareness 

Saturday May 10: prescription psychiatric medication awareness

Sunday May 11: submit! Tell me how the week impacted you, how you are not your mental illness, what you learned, something you can share. These submissions may be completely anonymous or you can credit yourself and blog. Pictures, stories, drawings, comments, questions, encouragements, ect are all welcomed!  

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Please DO NOT say that medication for mentally disabled people is harmful or needs to be eradicated. Many mentally disabled folks needs medicine in order to function properly and generally make their lives better and easier.

Also, DO NOT shame or harass mentally disable people who choose not to take medication. The decision whether or not to take medication is personal.