I suffer from depression and I don’t care about anything anymore.

I suffer from anxiety and I care too much about everything.

I can’t make myself go to school, but I’m constantly stressed over my grades.

I can’t make myself interact with people, but I fear being alone.

I can’t get up in the morning, but I need to get things done.

It’s like being paralyzed. I so desperately want to walk, but I just can’t.

Tips for Improving your Self -Esteem

The following suggestions may be helpful for a person who finds that they are struggling with low self-esteem:

1. It starts with a decision to be your own person. Don’t live your life to please, or to impress, someone else.
2. Try and grasp the fact we’re different and have different goals and values … And don’t be swayed by other people who criticise your dreams.
3. Don’t compare your path or journey to someone else’s journey as we start from different places and face different challenges.
4. Be kind, understanding and patient with yourself. Accept that failures and mistakes are part of everybody’s life. Also, choose to frame mistakes as learning opportunities.
5. You need to root for yourself, and seek to be your own best friend. Don’t denigrate yourself – in public, or when you’re alone.
6. Remind yourself a weakness can become a strength, in time. It takes patience effort – but, eventually, things change!
7. Make a list of what you’re good at, and keep adding to the list. Also, note the strengths that others see, and comment on, as well.
8. Treat yourself with respect and praise the things that you do well. Don’t write them off as “nothing”, or as being “no big deal”.
9. Find ways to dissipate and channel negative emotions. Don’t allow them to dictate the way you start to see yourself.
10. Spend time with those who like you, and can see your worth and value … And, ignore those who attack you, and would like to see you fail.
11. Choose to stand up for yourself, and value being more assertive. Also, decide to start to set and then enforce appropriate, healthy boundaries.
12. Admit your mistakes - then learn to laugh at yourself. It helps remove the pressure and the stress of “being perfect”!


"You can’t be sad because of starving African children and CANCER"

a video by Claudia Boleyn

[closed captioned] 

  • in this video I talk about the bullshit, silencing, ableist, rubbish that people online pull out of their bums in order to try and stop people who are depressed/otherwise mentally ill/feeling a bit down from talking about their feelings

If you too are majorly pissed off by this new, obnoxious (and borderline racist) trend, then please do share this video and spread the rage. 


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Everything You Need To Know About OCD

Have you ever witnessed a friend jokingly say, “OMG I’m being so OCD about this right now?” Have you ever said that? If so, frankly, you probably don’t really know what OCD is. OCD–obsessive compulsive disorder--isn’t really a laughing matter or something that should be taken lightly. It’s, you know, an actual disorder that rules the lives of those who suffer from it. And trust, it’s more than just deciding to aggressively clean your rom or being particular about the way your books are organized on your bookshelf.

Keep on reading if you want more information about what OCD really is.

We’re all dying, aren’t we?
—  The Misfits (1961)
it’s 2 a.m and i’m awake and i’m alone in my apartment
tonight i feel like tracing scars and counting stars and
pinning the moon
under my thumb
and shooting it
into my veins
til i’m numb
it’s 2 a.m and i am still and i’m quiet in my mind
tonight i know i’m falling slow and sinking low and
i’m hoping for light
from the sun
but it’s night
and the sky is plum
and blue
and black
and i go back
to thoughts of you
until the sun
has risen
—  i see your face in the shadows so until there is sun i will turn and run (m.n.g)