Some pictures from yesterday’s cozy little ✨Slytherin-themed birthday-party✨ for my dearest sister in spirit!

Happy birthday again my beloved sister! You make me a happy Elf (not houseelf of course) every day and just having you here is like getting an early birthday-present myself - may all your wishes come true and may life always treat you kindly and with generousity <3

We’ve had such a good time and are still happily munching on Bertie Bott’s every-flavour-beans while re-watching the movies and practising some spells for school -Nox.

*grasps at straws trying to figure out this article*

… It looks like Woobin will be in a web series airing in October, possibly called “Love Cells.” Other actors involved in the project include Jang Hyuk, Kim Yoo Jung, Baek Sung Hyun, Nam Ji Hyun (from 4Minute), … there’s probably more names I missed. They’re calling it a dreamcast, but it really appears to be a collection of stars from Sidus (plus Cube Entertainment as Sidus & Cube merged last year). I saw the words fantasy romantic comedy floating around, there’s a lot more detail on the article.

*patience for proper translation.*  

*has none*

savagenymphxii said:

" Hm? Oh, it's the kid. Ah --- " The woman sighed, pinking the bridge of her nose. " I guess I won't kill you today."


"…am I supposed to remember you?" Wait, had he made some lady mad before? Sora picked at his memories, but nope, he doesn’t remember this lady at all. Wait a second, she has a black coat so that must mean she’s part of the Organization!! Welp, now his memory’s quick to restart.

"Hey!! Don’t underestimate me y’know! What’s a goon like you doin’ here anyway?!"