FRIDAY SCARF FRENZY | etsyfindoftheday 5 | 12.19.14

tartan plaid blanket scarf // red, grey cashmere wool blend by betamenswear

i love the masculine vibe of this grey-and-red tartan scarf … and dreadlocked models always get the vote in my book. well done, betamenswear. followers, be sure to check out all their handmade goods as well as vintage items!


'Mantry' Modern Man's Pantry - Hands On | Gear Gent

Can anyone tell me who the first person to create the monthly box delivery service was? I would like to find them and thank them with the bottom of my heart. Without that outstanding individual, may never have been realized. Mantry for those of you not aware is a box delivery service that has built itself in to being the modern man’s pantry in a box. A ridiculously awesome box.

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