12/12 snapchats plus others

So I was kinda keeping these private but I’m just kinda yolo

Nash: lifeofnash
Cameron: camerondallas
Matthew: notmattespinosa
Shawn: shawnmendes1
Jack G: Jackgilinsky
Jack J: Jaaackjohnson2
Taylor: taylorcaniff
Carter: reynolds.carter
Aaron: aaron-carp
Jacob: jacobontour
Mahogany: itslox
Hayes: bluecornchip377
Sammy: sammywilk11
Dillon: dillonrupp1 // dillonrupp

Andrea Russet: andwizzle
Andrew Lowe: lowecow
Brent Rivera: brentrivera // thebrentrivera
Christian Delgrosso: christiandelg
Daniel Skye: danielskye123
Dylan Holland: deezyontour
Jack Gilinsky’s Dad: dgilinsky
Jake Foushee: drfoosh
Bryant Eslava: eslava
Willie Jones: heywilliejones
Grant Landis: grantstourlife
Jc Caylen: chamclouder
Jerome Jarre: jeromejarre
Kenny Holland: kennyholland
Princess Lauren: lglaurennnn
Lohanthony: aanthoony
Maggie Lindemann: magsmoneymil
Nate Maloley: natemaloley
Dylan Dauzat: ohdauzat
Ricky Dillon: ricky.dillon
Sam Pottorff: sammpott
Sierra Dallas: sierra-dallas
Sebastian Olzanski: spaceshipseb
Kian Lawley: swifferme
Trevor Moran: trevormoran

You’re welcome ✌️

I am literally crying he has done nothing but try to help and be nice to you and you fucking tell him is selfish are you kidding me?!?! Shawn needs sleep and he has done everything in his being to give to us as fans. Respect him please and don’t be fucking rude.


We all remember April 17, 2014, the day everything changed. And when I think about those days I think about those awesome times: the lipgloss dance, the cash moments, the messy hotelrooms, püma, smack cam videos and so much more (add whatever you want). Although I miss these days It’s so beautiful how each member went their own way. Cam just finished his second movie, One of them with Nash. Shawn has written so good songs, just as Jack and Jack, and when I think about all those beautiful paths of each member, I am so happy for them and I will never stop to support them!