Shawn Mendes “Thinking Out Loud” Ed Sheeran Cover // SiriusXM // Hits 1




Shawn Mendes “Thinking Out Loud” Ed Sheeran Cover // SiriusXM // Hits 1 

"Send me a picture, babe?" you sighed, your boyfriend was always a horny lil shit, so honestly it didn’t surprise you that he was asking for pictures while he supposed to be at a meeting with his best friends.

You selected one that you had taken a few days back, Jack hadn’t seen it yet, and quite honestly you weren’t in the mood to go put on matching bra and panties, strip you clothes off and pose seductively for the camera when he can see all that when he gets home.

It was perfect, your tits looked great, and lets be honest here, boobs were Jack’s weakness. You added in a few more you had taken that day just to get him going while he was sitting uncomfortably in a meeting during the day. A smile forming on your face, knowing you exactly what you did to him. You clicked send, closing your phone to browser twitter for awhile.

You loved looking at all the messages his fans send him during the day, their so sweet, plus you always loved surprising a few with your follow since they always had a heart attack when you did. You grabbed your phone at the whistle tweet going off, assuming it was Jack you slid it open reading the messages, “Damn, y/n, I didn’t know your tits were that good.” 

You blushed, what was he talking about, he knew exactly what your tits were like, so you decided to mess with him, “but daddy, you know exactly what my tits look like.” you hit send before typing out one more, “why don’t you come home and see them for yourself, I really need my daddy.” you closed out your texting laying back on the bed, your texting tone going off a few times.

You slid your phone open looking at the messages, “Damn that was hot.” “Fuck.” “Im just going to say, this is not Jack.” “But damn.” “You call him Daddy?” “Thats fucking hot.” you glanced at the contact name, “Johnson <3” you threw you head back, groaning, fuck my life.

You went back to Jack’s messages, laughing at his reply, “the boys might have saw these…” “They said they’re hot.” “I can’t lie. They’re pretty fucking hot.” “But you’re mine, you hear me, mine.” you face was red from embarrassment as you remembered the fact Johnson saw them, your boyfriends best friend, your best friend has now seen your tits and now he always knows you call his best friend daddy in bed.

"Why did they have your phone?" you laughed not particularly caring what he said, "They stole it and ran into the bathroom." "Johnson just came in here moaning ‘Daddy’ at me, did I miss something?" You practically threw you phone at the wall from laughing so hard, "I may have thought you texted me my boobs were great but it was Johnson and I mildly sexted him."

"YOU DID WHAT?" you heard the front door swing open banging against the wall as Jack barged his way into the living room. "Calm down. You were chill that he saw my tits but when I accidentally call him Daddy instead of you World War 3 breaks out?" 

He shrugs his shoulders, “Its nice to hear you have a hot girlfriend.”


Shawn Mendes “Thinking Out Loud” Ed Sheeran Cover // SiriusXM // Hits 1

What They Want || Nate Maloley smut ||

Another smut, I need to calm my little ass down, jtfo. but keep requesting shit! Love you bad bitchesxx

    "Damn what do you want now?" I said asking Nate as his phone went off again "I dont know probably a conference call." He said answering the phone, I rolled my eyes and got off of the couch. Another night that Nate would spend on the phone and not with me, it pissed me off I just wanted one night. But no that couldnt happen always with the dumb fucking conference calls or late nights at the studio.

     It wasnt like I was sexually deprived, no I got some on the daily but it wasnt making love it was just fucking plain and simple. I decided to lay down on the bed and play on my phone, so I jumped on the bed and laid on my stomach and went through instagram. 

     I heard Nate walk through the door, he was still on the phone he laid on the bed next to me. I was still on my phone not paying any attention to him but he put his hand on the small of my back, his hand fell to my hip where he was making circles on my bare skin on my hip. I looked over at him and mouthed "What are you doing?" He just shrugged in response like it was nothing to him but he knew that little things like this turned me on.

      I slapped his hand away from me and returned to my phone but his hand came back, no matter how many times I slapped his hand away. I was getting frustrated I mean Nate was on the phone and he was turning me on, like why was he doing that to me?

     But then I started to think, the business wanted him to be more active and more participant during a conference call and I guess him moaning and groaning would count as participating in the conference call. So with those thoughts in mind I got up and moved over to him, he was sitting up propped up on the pillows I could use that to an advantage.

     I stradled him, at first he looked up a me shocked but then he started to go along with me. I started to kiss him on the lips but then I started to kiss down his jaw then down his neck. The kisses were light but once I got closer to the base of his neck I knew it was his soft spot so I started to lightly suck leaving some red spots on his neck. 

     I continued and Nate moaned softly but covered it up with a cough, I could hear some of the people on the phone I could hear Sammy’s voice to perfect. I stopped kissing him and pulled off my shirt, Nates eyes shot to my chest but I folded my arms over my chest he looked up at me. I looked down at his shirt and looked up at him and lifted my fingers up signalling for him to take it off. He put the phone down for a second then he took it off placing the phone back up to his ear.

     But I stayed where I was arms crossed and all. He looked at me desperate for my touch “Hang up the phone.” I said he looked at me and chewed his lip "Guys I uh need to go (Y/N) is sick I uh need to go uh help her." He told the boys "Okay even though that sounds sus as fuck have fun with that." Sammy said putting a smile on my face as Nate hung up.

     "I need you now baby." He said to me pushing me back on the bed and pressed his lips roughly to mine, "I hate it when you do that to me you know." He said to me between kisses as they moved down my neck "I know thats why I do it." I said as he kissed my sweet spot “I missed you baby" Nate said to me still slowly kissing down my neck "I missed you to Nate" I said soaking up the pleasure.

     Nates hands slid under the waistband of my pants and slid them off along with my underwear and bra. He slid off the bed and removed his clothes then slid back on top of me and started to kiss me. Nate loved kissing, not sure why but whenever we had makeup sex or he wanted to say sorry he did it and I loved it.

     Nate continued to kiss me but I could feel his growing bulge against my thigh and I could feel the wetness between my legs start to increase, but I knew Nate was only going to keep this up for a bit longer. "I love you so much baby." Nate said to me “I love you to” I said smiling, he positioned himself up with me then looked me in the eye and kissed me. He slowly slid in causing me to moan “Oh shit Nate.” I cried out he smirked and his thrusts started to speed up putting in more and more with every thrust. 

     Nate was up on one hand while the other hand was tending to business, he was going faster and faster and I could feel myself start to come undone "Shit Nate im close" I said barely audible I had to bite my lip from screaming out his name "Me to baby" He said thrusts getting sloppier and sloppier I grabbed onto his bicep my nails digging into his flesh.

     I was so close to my high then I heard Nate chuckle and it through me over the edge for some reason I have no idea why. I felt the knot in my stomach come undone and my muscles starting to stop being so tense, then Nate came as well. He shut his eyes and bit his lip when he was coming down from his high and I admired his face he looked sexy as fuck. 

     Nate rolled over and just laid their gasping for breath for a few seconds, I got up and walked into the bathroom and started the shower I always took a shower after sex. I heard Nate walk into the bathroom I looked over at my shoulder "Want a round 2 I have a little more time before they call me back." He said flashing me a dimpled smirk “In the shower?” I asked him, he nodded "Fuck yes.” I said walking into the shower keeping the door open for Nate who was hot on my heels.

"Matt stop it." you pushed Matt’s hand off your thigh, sitting it back into his lap. "This dinner means a lot, I don’t need that shit." you hissed into his ear, listening to him chuckle at your words.

This was the first time you had seen your friends in months, so you wanted to spend all the time you could with them before they left again, but Matt had different plans, Matt wanted to tease you until you left dinner early. You denied his quicky before you left, you knew this was coming so it was better to just deal with it and act normal.

"So guys, how are you likely traveling all the time?" You crossed your legs, so Matt didn’t have direct across to in between them, his hand pulling your leg back down onto the booth, jerking your panties to the side, rubbing his fingers up and down your slit.

You sucked air in, chocking on the piece of food you were attempting to chew. “You okay y/n?” You looked up at Johnson nodding your head, shooting a glare at Matt, “stop, Matt.” 

The smirk on his face told you, he was not about to stop, suddenly he plunged two fingers inside of you, moving at a face pace, you grabbed Matt’s leg gripping tightly to his knee cap as he drew his fingers upwards, curling in just the right spot.

"y/n?" Nash reached across the table touching your arm, "You’re clammy. Are you okay?" Matt withdrew his fingers, causing you to let a breath out you were holding in, "I think the food made her sick, i’m going to get her home before something happens." Matt slid himself from the booth, grabbing your hand pulling you up with him. "See you guys." Matt waved back to the guys.

"I hope you get to feeling better, y/n. We’ll come see you before we go again." Nash and the rest of the guys waved bye to you as Matt drug you from the booth and through the front door.

"What the fuck was that, Matt?" you stormed in front of him, jumping into the passenger seat, slamming the door behind you. "What was what?" You looked over as Matt started the car, you hated to admit it, but he looks incredibility sexy. 

"If you wouldn’t have denied my quicky, we still would have been sitting in that booth letting the guys drool over you chest." Matt tightened his grip on the steering wheel as he drove towards his house. "Chill Matt, you know we’re just friends" You rolled you eyes, leaning your head against the window as you pulled into his driveway.

"I know, but it sucks to see your friends eyeing your chest all night." he groaned, as you climbed out of his car, walking into the kitchen from his garage. 

You climbed the stairs, letting your hair fall down your shoulders, sliding the jacket off  your shoulders, before walking into his bedroom. You felt Matt come up behind you, his hands landing on your hips. “You know where this dress would look so much better?” his lips kissing down your neck, his hands grabbing the zipper, slowly unzipping it. “Where, matt?” a small coming out of your mouth. “On the floor.” you felt his smirk against you neck, as the zipper came to its final resting point before matt slid the dress down, letting it pool at your feet.

"Jesus, you look even better than I expected." Matt pushed you backwards, letting you gently fall back against the bed, reaching under you to unhook you bra, tossing it into a corner of the room.

You reached down, grabbing his belt loops, bringing his body closer to yours as you unbottoned his pants, yanking them down his legs. His fingers hitching in your panties, sliding them down your legs before laying them on the bed behind you.

"Since you denied my quicky earlier, guess what you get tonight?" he smirked as he lined up, rubbing a gentle swipe with his finger, "already so wet, you don’t even need foreplay." you bucked your hips forwards, wanting to feel him inside of you.

"fuck, matt, hurry." Matt pushed himself in, your hands gripping at the sheets, pulling them up to you, "harder matt." Matt’s thrusts got harder, his hand moving to your clit quickly rubbing hard circles over your bundle of nerves, your back arching against his body.

"Fuck, Matt. Harder, i’m close." his figure eights getting tighter and his thrusts got sloppier sending you over the edge, your walls clenching around him, moving your hands, getting a tight grip on his biceps, knowing your nails would leave red marks.

Profanities fell from Matt’s lips as his own high took over his body, your legs still shaking as he pulled out, flopping down beside you on the bed. “Sometimes quickies are better babe.” You rolled your eyes looking over at Matt as he lay there smirking, “Maybe its just who you do them with after all.”