Shawn singing Little Things………….. I swear I’m not crying…….Just a little bit.

Nate Maloley Imagine *requested*

“Nate I can’t do this anymore… I’m done.” Y/n sighs.

“Wait what do you mean done? Do you mean you’re breaking up with me?” I say when realization hits me.

“I love you Nate, I think I always will but this relationship is so stressful. You party every night. We fight all the time… It’s like you never have time for me. I feel like I put more effort into this relationship then you do and it’s not fair.” Y/n explains. I see tears now starting to spill from her eyes and I can feel my heart break from seeing her like this. Especially knowing that I caused the tears now surrounding her eyes.

“I love you Y/N… So much. But if you think this is what’s best then ill let you go.” I say. I don’t want this. I say this hoping she will stay. I don’t think I can live without her. She’s my world.

She looks out the window and back at me. “Bye Nathan.”

She’s leaving???

“Wait y/n…” I say changing my mind completely. She grabs her bag and starts walking towards the door. “Y/n I want… No I need you to stay here.” I call after her.

She turns around and gives me sympathetic smile. “You’ll be fine.”

That was the last thing I heard her say before she walked out the door.

~Three months later~

It’s been three months without y/n. I still can’t believe she’s gone. I just want to see her one last time. I look up and see a small little camera in the corner of my roof.

The security cameras!

I go to my laptop and read the screen. How does this work? Where are the-? I see the camera icon and click it. I click view security footage and look back to a week before y/n left.

I watch as y/n walks from the cupboard to the oven as she makes some spaghetti.

She pads to the phone and dials a number.

"Hello?” She asks. The person responds and her lips automatically curve into a smile. I smile at her smile and want to kiss those lips one last time.

“Nate when are you coming home.” She asks.

"Oh…” Her smile fades as she looks at the boiling pasta.

"No it’s okay…” She says smiling with a fake smile. She walks to the boiler and turns off the oven.

"Yeah I was planning on going out with Julia anyways.” She nods. “Bye Nate I love-” she says before looking at the phone and frowning. I must have hung up.

I wipe away the tears falling from my eyes. How could I have just blown her off like that?

I click on another video. “Mom.” She says sternly looking directly into her moms eyes.

"I love him.”

"Y/n he is not a good influence on you. He doesn’t take care of you. When was the last time he was here with you for at least a day.“

She looks down.

"Y/n if you’re not going to come home you’re not welcome at our house anymore.”

She looks at her mom and shakes her head. “Mom I am home.” She says.

Her mom shakes her head and turns away. “Don’t bother coming by for Christmas dinner.”

She stopped talking to her mom because of me?

I watch more videos where y/n is cleaning or where I blow her off to hang out with Sam. The more I watch this the worse I feel. I pull out my phone and look through my contacts.

Y/n 💖💕

I couldn’t delete her number. I still love her. I click the call button and put it to my ear. What am I doing?

It rang twice before her cheery voice flew through the phone.

"New phone who dis?” She laughs and I can hear another laugh in the background.

"Y/n?” I ask my voice cracking. Way to go Nate.

"Wait a second… Nate?” She asks.

"Yeah it’s me.” I say. “Give me a second y/f/n” she mumbles to her friend.

“Hey.” She says.

I’m surprised she is talking to me.

"I’m not fine y/n. I love you. I need you here. It’s been three of the worst months of my life. I miss your smile and your hair and the way your eyes light up when you’re watching your favourite movie or listening to your favourite song. I miss your rosy cheeks when it’s cold outside and how your hair gets frizzy on warm days. I miss you. I can’t do this without you and I understand if you want nothing to do with me but please give me a chance. A chance to prove that I can change.” I ramble.

She doesn’t answer for quite a while. I start to worry about what she will say.

"Okay.” She whispers.

"Really??” I ask surprised. If I were her I would have hung up already.

“I love you Nate but I swear to god you have one chance left.” She says quietly.

I sigh in pure happiness. “I love you too and promise I won’t blow it… Oh and y/n?” I ask.


"Thank you.”


Here it is finally 😄😄😄😄