Without low-cost #opensource #3dprinting this project would’ve normally taken new hours on hours… I can carve with wood but to created something similar to the other arm to this barnch would’ve been fairly difficult for me. So instead I designed an arm that would distinguish itself from the other , #3dprinted it on my #mendel90 #oshw #3dprinter and BAM! We have a new arm in a matter of hours. All that’s left is sanding down the rough parts and painting. We’re using #chalkpaint on this pierce and it’s actually a project that my wife took up and I love working on stuff like this. #piccollage #reprap

Nophead just posted another picture of his Mendel 3d printer variant based around sheets of MDF, rather than threaded rod. It sure is pretty!

If you look carefully, you can see that the smooth rod the X-axis bearings ride on is actually asymmetrical! This is because the Mendel90 uses the absolute minimum number of bearings needed to define a 3d plane. (three) Since the right side only has the one bearing, it can use half as much rod to support the same range of motion.

I love engineering micro-optimizations like this.

It’s not ice cream…. But it is part of the last place trophy for our #rüsselsheim #fantasyfootball league!
Huge congrats to @al_don40 dominating the league and winning the inaugural @justgains fantasy football championship!
Didn’t know he had it in him, and next year I can’t wait to battle him once again.
#3dprinting #mendel90 #reprap #takerbot

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