All the Amazons! → Menalippe of Themyscira

“Outside, beyond the seas, the world of man changes. Great civilisations rise and fall. But the Amazons know nothing of this. They hear only the voices of the old gods grow more distant … until finally, of all who did once commune with the gods, only Menalippe remains able.”

Third-born of the Amazons, loyal servant of Hippolyta, lover of Penelope and High Priestess of Themyscira – for centuries, the oracle Menalippe served as the gods’ voice among the Amazons. Among other things, she prophesied Diana’s birth.

When Eris sought to pit Amazons against mortals, Menalippe was one of the first to fall under the spell of the golden apples of discord; in the aftermath, ashamed at having failed to see the trickery for what it was, she suffered a crisis of faith. But her devotion to her sisters never wavered, and when Hippolyta’s life was threatened she jumped into the line of fire without hesitation, sacrificing herself for her beloved queen.