Stand By Me (1986)

Making a separate post of this because IT’S NOT TRUE, NOOO, STAWP SPREADING ITTTT.

Don’t mean to hijack a post to say NO U R WRONG but I keep seeing this post and that’s not what the song is about.

It’s calling the MEN the dogs because they’re running around panting and woofing at women. 

“I heard a woman shout out—who let the dogs out?”

Then we see women as dog-catchers. 

And a dog jumping up trying to get on a lady. 

“Get back cruffy, back scruffy,

Get back you flea infested mongrel”

Is meant to be a woman telling a dog (a guy) to leave her alone. 

Then there’s “to any girls callin’ them canine”. Clearly the women are calling the men dogs here. 

“Say, a doggy is nuttin’ if he don’ have a bone” HE. Doggy is nuttin’ if HE. 

“Well, if I am a dog, the party is on

I gotta get my groove ‘cause my mind done gone”

Dude’s acknowledging that he may be one of those guys at parties/clubs.

“Me and my white short shorts

And I can’t see color, any color will do

I’ll stick on you, that’s why they call me ‘Pit bull’”

He can’t see color, HE is the dog.

So don’t be crushed. It’s a song about guys acknowledging that other guys can be brazen and annoying when hitting on women when they just wanna have a ball at the club and dance. 

you know how a lot of things are spoiled for you b/c its the internet and tumblr has a lot of gifs, images, and all that. like its nigh impossible to go into a fandom without having things spoiled for them. however

i still have no fucking earthly clue what jojo’s bizzare adventure is even remotely about. the power of eyeliner? maybe

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