The top 20 fashion infographics of April 2015:

01. The ultimate glasses fashion vocabulary
02. A visual glossary of dress shoe toe styles and brogueing
03. A visual glossary of dress shoes for men
04. How to: The twisted braid crown
05. Decode the dress code (women’s edition)
06. Finding the perfect bra
07. How to choose the right frames for your face
08. A cheat sheet to pairing shirts and ties
09. Wedding dress trends 2015
10. 5 minute outfit guide
11. 9 ways to fold a pocket square
12. Wedding gown train lengths: A visual glossary
13. Best boots for your body type
14. How to pick out a tie
15. Cheat sheet: Ties and pocket squares
16. How to get perfectly shaped eyebrows in 4 steps
17. How to find your body shape
18. 10 prom essentials for the perfect night
19. How to tie a bow tie
20. How to do the wrap tuck

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“Goodman’s With Sea Salt”

Cast your net on the high seas of Goodman’s 58th street windows and spy the nautical buffet, sprinkled with sea salt.

Set sail, and see:
-Swim past a giant lobster escaping sand traps.
-Watch maritime mannequins walk the plank and shout “MANNEQUIN OVERBOARD”!
-Take scholarly notes of the History of Sailor Tattoos.
-Feast your eyes on the exotic hammer-head shark…the catch of the day.

–Men’s Visual Director, Shane Ruth

In the spring, the sartorialis bigus sheds his heavy winter vest as a survival technique as the temperature exceeds the capabilities of his Right Guard. However, he can often be heard muttering gruffly to himself, “I’ll be damned if I loosen my freaking tie!”


“Emojis have become part of a universal language. We all use emojis to communicate emotions and feelings in ways that anyone can understand. The challenge was to redesign the current emojis, maintaining their meaning and soul, but changing their appearance to give them a contemporary style. Fresh, flat, and simple: these were the three keywords we kept in mind during our work.”

Discover how Vittorio Perotti and Giulia Zoavo took matters into their own hands to redesigned your favorite emojis!