The World’s Best Dressed Couple.

Big in (Fashion) Love: Patricia Manfield and Giotto Calendoli are probably the most beautiful couple, who currently has to offer the world of fashion. A seemingly perfect couple anyway. Oh, and dream looks as well! The beautiful brunette and the man at her side with a casual far-more-than-three-day beard are Milanos new fashionable flagship spice up the streets with their looks in fashion. You: in elegant dresses with refined details. He: in loose-fitting luxurious suit. Together: Italian class with a modern twist.

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It’s a well-known fact that the artists in our community are some pretty dang talented peeps. Not just at making awesome t-shirt designs, but at making awesome things of ALL kinds. Knowing that they create so much coolness, we figured there might be one piece of art in their arsenals of awesome that they love the most. So, we asked the artists behind this week’s new tees to name and share with us the most favorite piece they’ve ever created. To little surprise, they sent some totally rad stuff! Read on to see their sweet artwork, and don’t forget to check in to shop their new tees!

Q: What is the most favorite piece you’ve ever created?

“Lets just call all of my journals an art piece that won’t end until I die and leave it at that. Maybe I love them so much because they are 100% for me? Or perhaps it is because they aren’t about any one thing, more of a dumping ground for experiences, drawings, handwritten notes, fortune cookie fortunes, photos, etc. I even write backwards sometimes if I want to keep thoughts private. Other people can read it for sure, it just takes a certain amount of commitment. This design is really just a stupid little comic I pasted into my sketchbook anyway.” [Buy this tee now!]

“A blind contour drawing I made of my studio space whilst studying Fine Art at Stellenbosch University in third year. It represents a period when I was spending almost all of my time being creative and making things. I found inspiration in a lot of places and it flowed freely into my work. It was a big turning point in the way that I approached art making.” [Buy this tee now!]

“It’s hard to choose my favorite piece of art, but I have a special affection for my artwork called ‘3012’. I like the concept and colors, mainly because it carries me to a mysterious and futuristic world. This project was printed at Threadless, another reason to be special.” [Buy this tee now!]

“As a class project last year, we redesigned posters of our favorite movies. I enjoyed working on the sinuous lines.” [Buy this tee now!]

“It’s impossible to really pick a favorite, but I’ve always liked this screen print I did a while back. It started as a notebook sketch that became the first thing I attempted to turn into vector art. Then I decided to attempt hand painting a screen to play around with and ended up with this far-from-perfect set of prints on a old piece of kraft paper, now framed and hanging in my brother’s Brooklyn apartment.” [Buy this tee now!]

“I think my favorite is ‘Fishes in Geometrics’; I like how it merges vintage and modern elements, and I love the overall atmosphere of the composition. In my opinion, it is well balanced.” [Buy this tee now!]