Speaking of weddings and Scotland…. I wrote about one you may have heard about recently. Shoutout to Outlander fans: Don’t tell the other fandoms, but you are kind of the best. 

Anyway, I just realized a few things about my own wedding. A number of my Scottish relatives came and celebrated with Dave and I when we got hitched in 2000. (Forgive the quality of the images — they’re pictures of pictures. I was too lazy to scan them.) 

The top picture is of me and my cousin David Shepherd. Awesome kilt, right? Also in attendance at our wedding that spring: A couple of other cousins, Mary and Jimmy Fraser. 

Several years ago, when we visited the Frasers in their home in the town of Auchtermuchty (the greatest name of any town EVER), the house they were living in at the time faced the Firth of Forth. Jimmy went out into the bay and caught us some lobster. As you do. Also, Scottish people win at naming things. 

On that visit and in other visits to Scotland, we could not have asked for more amazing hosts. When I was in England for my junior year of college, we went up to Fife for Hogmanay and had the most amazing night. The stamina and generosity of Scottish people never ceased to amaze me. They were only a little judgmental when we went to bed at 6 am on Hogmanay. They were still going strong. What is in that whisky, you guys?

So, I wasn’t thinking about my Fraser relatives or my Scottish trips when I wrote about the show. But did I have a subconscious bias toward Outlander because I have Scottish relatives and some of them are named Fraser and all of them are awesome? It’s possible.

I accept that. 

Oh, and the second picture of my wedding dress is there because I want to make it clear that my wedding dress rocked. (My husband is the guy at the top right of the second photo, btw.) The ladies at the wedding dress store called the color “Champagne” but let’s be real: It was GOLD. 

That’s how I roll.