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okay i’m sick and tired of guys using the “i work therefore i shouldn’t have to clean” excuse. like hey i’m a girl and i work but i also am expected to come and clean on top of that. what the actual fuck. no how bout “you live here too ergo you clean too” how does that sound?

aaronitron asked:

I have been hitting the gym for two years and seven months and I have not seen a ton of progress. In the first three months, I put on weight like crazy, going from 117 to about 145. Then things slowed down and I really struggled to get above 150. I have a very high metabolism and workout 5x a week, so really I need to be eating at least 3,000 calories a day. The trouble is, I have never been a "big eater" and consuming that much is really hard. Do you have any advice on how to up my appetite?


Since you’re getting full with meals, your main goals will be to increase your caloric intake with foods that you can drink (faster digestion, less fulfilling).

You’re an ectomorph, So you must get most of your calories from carbs.

More info on body types

What to consume?

  • Milk (4-5 times a day)
  • Protein smoothies
  • Peanut butter, almonds ..

- Milk must become your best friend. 1 cup contains averagely 150 calories and it’s composed of high amounts of carb and protein.

- Protein smoothies composed of milk, fruits, oats, peanut butter are the way to go. ~ 500 calories per smoothie:

- Peanut butter is the ectomorph’s girlfriend/boyfriend. 100 calories per tbsp.

No more excuses, time to make some gainz.


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