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aren't there any baby carriers for toddlers?? im sure i've seen a few? could try baby wearing :)

haha you’re right, i’m a dork.  they do have them for toddlers, but I did see a site about baby wearing.  I don’t know if its the hippy in me, but i like it! lol

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Aww at least yours are cute! I was with 2 other mums at a baby group up the road from my house when I heard both of them calling their 2 year olds a little shit, an idiot, stupid. The list goes on, I can’t imagine calling my child anything like that! :(

Wow. Are you fucking kidding me right now? Who the hell just calls their kids names like that? That makes me so fucking angry, I can’t even… 

Ugh. I’d have punched them in the throat. 

Thank ya. They fought even in the womb lol. Aww yeah my mom got them each a seahorse that they slept with until they were about 6 month old. Scout and violet, a leapfrog dog? replaced them. But they slept in the same crib until they were about a month or two old. Sawyer was in the hospital his first few weeks, so they kind missed each other.