So after Raw ended Cena and Ambrose had a cheer off to see who would get louder cheers (Dean won) so Dean gets out the ring to go up the ramp & he’s high-fiving fans and talking to them. On the other hand Cena exits the ring and is high-fiving fans on the left side of the ring. Then all of a sudden a grown ass man jumps out of the crowd and he’s heading for Cena. Now at this point the Security has already gotten to the guy and Dean looks like He’s about to jump in just in case if the fan tried to hurt Cena. However the fan is crying and yelling “I love you to Cena”. So while Security is dragging the guy out, Cena runs to catch up and he high-fives the guy. And the crowd is quiet. But all of a sudden you hear Dean out of no where laughing his ass off. Then everyone starts laughing. Then dean called us crazy then John was like “look who’s talking”.It was honestly great!


Salute to those who paved the way, BECAUSE OF THEM WE CAN…

Break-A-Leg 5K

The Orpheum Theatre is hosting its first 5K this November and I couldn’t be more excited.


A) I love the Orpheum.  Broadway plays, opera, ballet, comedy, concerts, NPR, and old movies- what more could a theatre offer?

B) A 5K in November!  Oh boy!  I never get to run 5Ks in cool weather.  Could this be my shot for a PR?  Maybe…

C) Fun downtown course - heck yeah!

D) It’s themed based on A Christmas Story.

E) Registration is only $20.  Bargain.

F) It’s during my taper for St. Jude so it will be a good way to fight off taper tantrums.

G) The website doesn’t mention it, but I am holding out for leg-lamp shaped trophies.


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Love Works That Way - Spencer Wiggins (Love Works That Way / I’ll Be True To You, 1965)