Its uprightness is what actually fascinates me. When this thought appears, memory is no longer present, nor uneasiness, nor weariness, nor foreboding, nor any recalling of yesterday, nor any plan for tomorrow. It appears, and perhaps it has appeared a thousand times, ten thousand times. What, then, could be more familiar to me? But familiarity is just what has disappeared forever between us. I look at it. It lives with me. It is in my house. Sometimes it begins to eat; sometimes, though rarely, it sleeps next to me. And I, a madman, fold my hands and let it eat its own flesh.
—  Maurice Blanchot, from Death Sentence tr. Lydia Davis

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Oneshot: Running After You

This oneshot is based on a prompt from Regina fan which I have put at the bottom of the fic. I don’t own Once or its characters. Apologies for any mistakes. Hope you enjoy :)

Summary: Henry and Regina have a fight. He comes home later that day to make up with her when he finds his Mom unconscious and memoryless. How do you apologise to someone who doesn’t remember you?

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kate is a nephilim, or fallen angel, she’s been vanquished from heaven for sinning, never falling in line with god’s orders and forced to earth. she still retains some of her grace however, and slaughters innocents in the name of revenge to those she believes have wronged her. muse b is another angel or some sort of defender that has to stop her, possibly forcibly takes the remnants of her grace in a painful process and leaves her to start her life as a human once more —- memoryless. muse b would unfortunately find themselves a protector of her, to raise her as a more moral woman despite their disdain. 


//Apologizes to those who I owe replies or starters (since there are a lot of threads I want to do). I know I said I wouldn’t start new roleplays until I finished the ones in my drafts, but instead I’ve started two. I hope you understand, but both are very interesting for me (the memoryless AU with Yellow thanks to that muse prompt with bonus if they were enemies and the flashback of child Lance and Clair). I’ll eventually do everything. Right now I have 7 drafts, and like 6 threads to start sooner or later in the different time lines.

qurmizi said:

*reads those translated comics* Vector feels right in the heart ouch ouch fffff he's memoryless in some of them, reminds me of your character XD

MY FEELINGS AHHHHH. But yeah, I love them *eyes sparkle* And ah yeah xD perfect pfft. <3!!!