‘Great educational improvements’ by Memoma

“Education was notably improved during the first democratic City Council. In less than 8 years, 25 schools were inaugurated. In 1979 the Institut Municipal d’Educació (an organism in charge of the education in the city) was created and promoted summer schools as well as a magazine for the teachers. Environmental schools in Badalona such as Escola del Mar (Sea School) and Esola de la Natura (Nature School) are also from that period”.

The first project developed by Zion for MEMOMA, a new Motiongraphics House, where he works. “…where the sunday matinee filled the sky. No vacation / No rest / Just faith and intelligence”.

This illustration is part of the ExpoBaetulona, A very impressive exhibition produced by Brrothers and that showed the 100 most important moments in the history of Badalona city. A timeline reflected on a 100m. long and 1.5m. high canvas. I saw a few weeks ago, now I share this.

Via Memoma Behance’s project.