January 24 2015

Congratulations everyone! Rickrolling has come back yet again, this time with more tumblr style subversion than ever. We’ve transcended, people, to image reverse-rickrolling. Obvious traditional clickthrough link rickrolls that turn out not to be rickrolls. Throwbacks to hover text which you think is going to reverse-hover text you but is instead a rickroll.

Truly, this is a meme of prestige. I don’t think much more can be said on it that hasn’t already been scribed in granite history books by the greatest memeographers of our time. Rickrolling was always a pure meme, so influential that it swept most unbounded corners of the interwebs, and now it has gone contemporary, as all classics are fated to be rejuvenated into modern art. Any memeologist could wax poetic about rickrolling for the entire length of that 10 hour rickroll video. Not only a meme, but a legend.

In other news, meninism is now a meme!

The term itself was originally a feminist creation to describe men who allied themselves with the feminist movement, it has since taken off as a hashtag on twitter. This hashtag is most often used jocularly to air inconsequential male grievances (eg. the toilet seat always being down), but there are some who truly believe in the cause of “meninism”, and believe that feminism is causing misandry in our society. Unnervingly, their most genuine tweets align closely with the ironic words of their more feminist-oriented peers.

Meninism gained popularity as a meme when shirts for the movement were released in January. It doubles as social commentary and humour, like the New Yorker Cartoon, but the difference is that the New Yorker was completely serious in origin, and #meninism is kind of a joke. Both the frivolity of earnest meninists and the sheer ridiculousness of the word “meninism” make the movement (when posed as a serious proponent) seem quite silly. Very few earnest meninists exist; the majority of attention towards meninism is of negative ridicule and the twitter hashtag is mainly used for satirical purposes. 

There is nothing wrong with men supporting feminism, but this mutated creature that the original meninism has become is decidedly anti-feminist and fails to understand the issue of  gender equality. Gentlemen, there is no need for meninism. All you need is memeinism.