idk the discussions around batman on this website tend to bother me more often than not b/c it never seems like any of those posts are by like… batman fans? most of the ones I’ve seen were from marvel, specifically mcu, fans. but you can kind of tell b/c they don’t really seem to grab the… jist of the hero when written right, just the flanderized memefied version we all joke about, the “”“wish fulfillment”“” white guy fantasy of batman. not, like, batman. you know? and I get why they would have that idea at first but it doesn’t take long to look at even the wiki and learn what homeboy is actually about before you go writing long posts about it.

Was tagged by bourbon-bizcocho thank u, may gian become a stripper at x-mast for u!!1


Title of the first song you land on describes how you die:

Gishinanki by Devine Diva

(really? A sex song? Damn.)

Second song will describe your love life:

Gibberish by MAX ft. Allen Hoodie

(it’s nonsense lmao)

Third song will be playing at your wedding:

Me!Me!Me by Dj Teddy

(ah yes, anime tits!)

Add “in my pants” to the fourth song you land on:

Break Free in my pants

(please, Luchino, p LE A SE.)

Fifth song will be playing at your funeral:

Stronger Than You ehh is it Garnet’s theme song?

(Is this related to my dis- not gonna even.)

Sixth song is your theme song:

Loyal by Chris Brown

(I have 0 loyalty to anyone rn lmao)

Seventh song will play when you think about someone you love:

BANG BANG by the holy trinity :)))


Add “with a shovel and a screwdriver” to the title of the eighth song:

Love me harder with a shovel and a screwdriver


Ninth song will describe your week:

Roger Rabit by sleeping with sirens


Tenth song will play when you miss someone:

Lost & Fading by TAA

(again, how- i only miss my mum-)


i wont tag bc im too shy to talk to anyone here-