Can someone explain to me why it is so much easier to complete “kewl rad new vaguely unnecessary idea” fundraisers instead of “this important thing we have had for a long time that has been defunded please help” fundraisers? Why are people perfectly willing to fund catchy memefied stuff but don’t want to get too involved with the more long-term and life-saving version of the SAME work? Does it seem like more of a real political stance when it’s not a media focus? 

Even people totally committed to a cause do it. It’s not about how good you look— giving $100 to fund ALS research or a rape crisis center always makes you look good, whether or not it’s a meme. Why does the hard work never get attention or money? Is it safer when it’s popular? 

It reminds me of a girl Annie met in high school. Annie wore TOMS almost every day and this one girl went up to her and said “You know, I think those are really cute, but I’m going to wait until they get more popular before buying some.” 

I do not understand this mentality.