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Hey this is the thing for the accent meme, I mess up a tiny bit twice in the audio but I was a tiny nervous so yeah.

I also was successful and said “Caramel” instead of “Camel” like I did the three times I read the words outloud back to myself.

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Me bcs I'm lame

(ur message did send twice but that’s fine!!) 

ur blog has such a chill and nice aesthetic it’s so pretty also the things u reblog are so funny it’s very meme-tastic (hah) i’m sure dan howell would approve 1000000%!!!! also you seem v cute and nice i like it! 

What We Love: May 6, 2015

The James Beard Awards, Rihanna’s meme-tastic cape, coffee in space and more things we’ve clicked on this week.

1) Children, the smell of food and sweatpants: just a few of the things Karl Lagerfeld can’t stand.

2) New York invades L.A. (at least according to the trend-spotters at the Times Styles Section).

3) Congratulations to all the winners of the 2015 James Beard Awards!

4) Want to be the first person to sip espresso in outer space? Too bad: An Italian astronaut has already beat you to it.

5) It’s an omelet! No, it’s a pizza. Well, whatever it was that Rihanna wore to Monday’s Met Costume Institute Gala, the internet loved it.

Spirit Airlines scores with Obama ‘selfie’ ad

Spirit Airlines scores with Obama ‘selfie’ ad

Spirit’s latest marketing campaign goes after the Obama selfie meme.

— Chris Moody (@moody) December 12, 2013

It’s a clever advertisement, but where did Spirit Airlines get the idea that wifey was angry? Oh yeah, those photos.


Funeral selfies? Obama’s selfie face, FLOTUS’ furious face at #MandelaMemorial [pics]

Meme-tastic! ‘That moment’ when FLOTUS’ furious…

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crab-tastic asked:

You wanted shippy stuff? Okay, here you go: character 8 and 23 have to pretend to be in a relationship and convince character 16 that it's real

You know dang well that I did not want shippy stuff–I am dreading it. That said, we’ve got Brot’an and Hawes trying to convince Leesil’s mom that they are dating. Which, while ridiculous, is at least not gross, so bullet dodged I guess.

anonymous asked:

Daffodil- whats the most thoughtful present you've ever received?

For Valentine’s Day this year, all of my friends printed out these really cheesy meme-tastic Valentine’s cards and they were so great I smiled for the entire day it’s probably really silly and stupid, but I loved it. Basically the best present is love from my friends uwu.

(ima cheesy dork)

crab-tastic asked:

Character 9 trash talks a movie at the theater and character 2 and character 24 beat them up for it after

So that’s Osha trash talking in a movie theater and Leesil and Danvarfij beating him up. This sounds like it’s probably canon.

crab-tastic asked:

Character 12 is set up on a blind date with character 14 by character 5.

So we’ve got Sgaile and Ore-Locks set up on a blind date by Chane, which… isn’t terrible? Sgaile and Ore-Locks have more chill than pretty much anyone else in the series, so the night probably won’t end in murder, at least. And Chane just wants Ore-Locks to be happy, I assume.

crab-tastic asked:

Character 6 and character 19 are adrift in a life raft. What do they do when character 20 floats up to them in a real boat?

So, we’ve got Shade and Rashed in a life raft, with Teesha coming to save them in a real boat. Given that Rashed and Teesha are both vampires and probably not likely to be too friendly with a majay-hi, I imagine Shade would wait until they were together to knock them both into the ocean before jumping in herself and dog-paddling to the nearest shore on her own.

crab-tastic asked:

Character 22 and character 15 meet in the middle of a maze created by character 14

Sapphire and Aupsha meet in a maze created by Ore-Locks? I’m sure Aupsha will get out just fine, but I’m not sure about Sapphire. Unless the maze is made of stone; then they both might have a problem.