Day 6: The best kiss. 


Gwevin - Ben 10: Alien Force 

Yo okay let me talk about how great gwevin is. They’re such a cute couple and have gone through a lot of shit. Why is Kevin shirtless? Because he just stopped being an Osmosian powerhungry can’t stop absorbing person. And Gwen is this stable, smart, super strong, psychic genius and they’re just amazing  and I have another kiss in mind at first until I realized hold the phone I don’t have gwevin on this list. The couple who’s kiss that was supposed to be here was Eugene/Rapunzel. Sorry, I still love you two, but come on. Gwevin. And they’re canon and they should forever remain canon even though the darker and edgier Ben 10 has stopped its run.

Jak’s Shipping List

Day One: Basics & Cosmetics.

Full Name: Adrien Hideki Saito

Age: 22

Date of Birth: January 17th

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Brown

Nationality: French x Japanese

Accent: New York

Height: 6’3

Weight: 200 lbs

Tattoos: I have several tattoos which you can see here.

Piercings: Not yet xP

Birthmarks: I have a very small one on my hip.

Disfigurements: None yet *laughs*

Scars: Just a few minor ones, nothin’ big.

Any nicknames? None that are really pleasant haha.

inquisition countdown meme - day 29

What race and class is your Inquisitor? What is your and their reason for that class? How do they feel about it?

Gale is a human mage. The mage class has become my favorite over the games so I wanted to play that first. Originally I was going to play a Qunari mage first but then I wanted to romance Cullen first with a human & then later we found out he was race gated so Gale became my #1 priority.

In her world, her mother was a mage in Rivain while her father was a Nevarran Rogue, so there was a 50/50 chance she would also be a mage. And she was. In headcanon she is dual class, a mage & a rogue, her father teaching her how to wield daggers & hit critical points.

There are times where she loves being a mage but there are moments where she wishes she was normal. A lot of the things that have happened to her & what she’s had to do wouldn’t have happened if she wasn’t a mage. Her family would still be alive. Her town wouldn’t have been burned down by the Templars. She wouldn’t have had to go on the run & wouldn’t have been tortured by Templars. At the end of the day though she wears it as a badge of pride, she is who she is & she’s proud of it & wants others to be able to live like any other regardless of their magic.

Final Countdown Inquisitor Meme - Day 29

What race and class are your Inquisitors?  What are your and their reasons for that class?  How do they feel about it?

Genevieve and Remy are human twins.  They are a warrior and a mage respectively.  (And the reason I chose these classes for them is simple—I really like warriors and mages.)

Genevieve is tall, muscular, and exceptional with a blade.  The second of three children, she spent most of her life training for something else, something unrelated to leading and controlling her house, and that something else proved to be fighting and protecting.  She feels most at home with a sword in her hand and a shield at her side.

Remy is tall like his sister, but lanky.  A mage, his future was decided for him when he was pulled away from his family at six years of age and taken to the Circle.  He feels a mixture of awe and resentment towards his powers.  Awe that he can mend wounds and rain destruction.  Resentment that it has ultimately segregated him from others.

Glee Hiatus Meme Day 160

A plot you’d love to see Glee do

1- a glee club routine goes viral and the person singing the lead suddenly gets massive attention from the press and the rest of the group gets ignored.  (it can be meta about how the press actually works when it comes to ensemble shows or parallels with how Will runs the club…it would be fun)

2- Marley, Unique, Kitty, Jake and Ryder form a band

3- Ryder becomes a You Tube vlogging sensation

4- Tina and Artie decide to combine all their notes and videos from high school and make a pact that they will write the unofficial biography of New Directions once all of them are famous.  

5- the return of Matt Rutherford (yes I know…you’re shocked)

6- Jake and Tina drunkenly hook up and figure it’s a one time thing until it keeps happening.  then there are feelings involved.

7- Everyone in Kurt and Blaine’s lives begging them/bribing them to elope because dear grilled chessus their combined Groomzilla act will drive everyone to murder.