"I’m currently a cast member at the Disney Store, and being an actor, really hope to move up and become a face character at the parks, because that’s been my dream for such a long time. After working for the company, though, I realize how much of a corporate monster they really are, and I’m not sure I can or want to work with a company that’s like this, and it really just confuses me about what I want for myself and for my future."

He Kicked!!! - Ashley Purdy Imagine (Request)

You’re lying in bed, scrolling through social media apps,and rubbing your swollen belly. Now being six months pregnant, it is taking a toll on you and your energy.

You hear the front door open and close, and heavy footsteps come down the main hall.

“Y/N! Babe, where are you?” Ashley yells to you.                                                              

“I’m in the bedroom,” You holler just as Ashley rounds the corner into your shared bedroom.

“How are you feeling?” he asks, kissing your temple before taking off his jacket and laying it on the chair.

“Ash, I’m exhausted. How am I even going to be able to go on for three more months?” You say lowly.

You haven’t been able to do much with your friends, family, or even Ashley while being pregnant, and that’s made you beyond upset. Ever since the first day you woke with morning sickness, you’ve been tired and irritable.

“Baby. I’m sorry. You know I’d help you if I could.” Ashley says, holding your cheek and looking at you with sad eyes.

“I know.” You shut your eyes for a minute and felt the side of the bed dip.

You thought Ashley was just going to lay there and play with your hair like he normally does, but instead, you feel him lay his head on your stomach.

“Hey buddy, it’s your dad. I got something you today when I was out with your uncles. It’s a black leather jacket, similar to mine.” You heard him say while rubbing the lower part of your stomach.

A smile grows on you lips, but your eyes stay closed.

“You know, I wish I could actually hold you now. I bet you’re gonna have your momma’s eyes and hair. You’re gonna be the cutest baby boy ever. I’ll teach you how to play bass, throw a football, and surf. I’ll always support you know matter what. If you’re scared, I’ll be there; if you’re being bullied, you can talk to me; girl trouble, I got you son. You’ll be my little man and I will always love you.”

Tears gather in your eyes as you open them. You stare at Ashley’s lips pressed against your belly, smiling like an idiot.

He continues to softly rub and talk to your bump. Suddenly, he stops and looks up at you shocked. He face quickly turns to utter happiness.

“You felt that, didn’t you?” you ask.

Nodding his head furiously with tears in his eyes and a smile from ear to ear, he looks back to your stomach.

“That – that feeling is just amazing.” He said. “Like I don’t know how to explain it – it was just – wow.” He breathes out, putting his hand back on your stomach.

“I know. I didn’t tell you, but a few weeks ago I was doing the exact same thing and he kicked.” You say smiling and running your fingers though his long hair.

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I wanted you to feel it for yourself.” You say.

“Well thank you, because that was just amazing.” He says, looking at you with his hand on your belly.

“You’re welcome babe.”

“I love you so much Y/N”

“I love you too Ash.” He sits up and kisses you on the lips, still excited with the fact he had felt your son kick for the first time.

Transselfes is looking for new members

I only created this blog about three weeks ago and so far things are going pretty well, but obviously I’m still working on improving this blog to make it as welcoming and helpful as possible to all trans people. It occurred to me a few days ago that the best way to do this is to have multiple admins running the blog. So I’m looking for… probably up to six new members. So here we go:

To enter:

  • reblog this post - if you’re just signal boosting then please say so in the tags
  • I’m looking for trans members - which means if you’re mtf, ftm, gender queer, nonbinary, genderfluid, etc, then you can enter

What happens if you become a member??

  • You get to make some new friends!!!
  • You help run the blog - taking care of any submissions, questions, and queueing a whole bunch of selfies
  • You help make the blog bigger and better and more helpful and welcoming to all trans people
  • You can get your own page on the blog and can post your own selfies whenever you want

I’ll be choosing new members in about a week, on the 6th of February. I’ll be sending you a message if you have been successful, as well as making a page on the blog listing all of the members and their urls so that everyone can get to know eachother