Ice Cubes - Jack Johnson One Shot (smut)

I wrote all the imagines about Jack G and I thought it would be nice to give some credit to Jack J for being hot and adorable af.So here it is!Johnson girls…enjoy 😉

It was lazy day with my best friend Jack.We were friends since pre school.I’ve always have some feelings for him,but I knew he only likes me as a friend so I didn’t even bother to flirt with him.
We were sitting in my room watching our favorite TV show.”I’m thisrty.Do you wanna something to drink?”I asked getting up from my bed.”Yeah.A glass of water.”Jack said not even looking at me.I noded and went downstairs to my kitchen.I filled his glass with water and mine with orange juice.I got back to my room.Jack was still sitting in his spot,concentrated on the screen.I handed him his drink.”Thanks babe.”I was suprised at what he called me.”How did you call me?” I asked.He blushed lightly.”I called you y/n.C’mon.”He took a sip of his water.”I think I’m gonna get some ice.It’s so warm and I’m hella hot.”Sassy Jack was appearing.I laughed.He run down the stairs.I took a deep breath.”He called me babe.”I repeated to myself.I was interupted by Jack who came with a bag of ice.”Do you need THIS MUCH of it?” I giggled. He stayed silent.He sat down by my side.I felt something extremly cold on my leg.”Jack are you serious?” I asked laughing with him.”What?I didn’t do anything.”I smiled at him and looked back at the tv.”Do you want some ice?”Jack asked.”Yes please.”I said still paying attention to the show.”Come and get it.”He smirked,hiding bag of ice behind his back.”Stop playing like a little kid.”I playfully punched him.”Come one babe.I know you want to have something cold.”He sounded so sexy.Such a tease.Jack placed an ice cube in between his lips.”You are an idiot Johnson.”I laughed.”He smirked.”Coommm onnn.I cannn’t feelll my lipsss already.”I wasn’t sure if he is just playing or he really wanted me to kiss him.I came closer to him.I closed my eyes and in that moment I felt cold on my lips.I tried to slowly pull out the cube from Jack’s mouth,but to no effect.Instead the ice melted and our lips met.His soft,hot lips were gently nibling on mine.After a second they were moving in sync with.He was delicate and took it slow .He slide his tongue on my lower lip.I gave him full permission.We were kissing for a long minute.He bite my lower lip and make me gasp.Jack started to take of my shirt.After my clothing his went down too.”I want you to lay here still.”He said in his raspy voice.I was watching his moves.He took one ice cube from the bag and started to slide it slowely across my stomach and breasts.Melting cube was leaving a wet trail which was cleaned by Jack’s tongue and lips.It felt so good.I bite my lips.”Jack please
stop teasing.I can’t take it anymore.”I moan bending my body.He smirked then took all the ice away.He got on me slowly and kissed me.Our lips connected in hungry kiss.”I’m gonna make you feel so good girl.”Jack said between the kisses which he was placing on my jaw and neck when I brushed my fingers through his soft hair.He found my sweet spot and sucked on it,probably leaving a big,red mark.He thrusted in me.I shouted,cause I wasn’t expecting that.”Oh yeah.Don’t stop baby doll.”He moan through his teeth. I was bucking my hips to him.It felt so incredible.All I was dreaming of was coming true in that moment.”I always wanted to do this.”We both said in the same time.We smiled at each other,eyes hooded.”Keep going Jack.I’m so close.”I moan dugging my nails in his back.He thrusted once more and I was done.Done with everything.I felt like I was high or something.He pecked my lips and I snuggled to his chest,his arms around me.”I love you y/n.” Jack whispered to my ear.”I love you too Jack.”I smiled.

I know it kinda sucks.Sorry for my grammar.If you have some ideas don’t be shy and share it with me.I’m accepting one shot stories requests.I hope you enjoyed♡


hauntedmillenniumfalconteahouse said: YOU ARE GORGEOUS SHUT UP…even though i don’t know what you look like i bet you are very attractive :3

Hahaha! *zips up mouth* Why thankyou xD The length of clothes really does become an issue though. I’m 6”0/183cms tall and there’s lots of great clothes that are just too short on me. Also, here’s my silly face, professionally a few years ago and a n00b selfie from yesterday. :)



lordhigheverythingelse said: I love how you do your makeup!

Thankyou! I’m getting better at it. I want to give my classmates the illusion that I usually put the effort in. xD (I say, sat here in my dressing gown)

lordhigheverythingelse said: This should happen more than it does. It raises awareness of the fact that people who aren’t white and male etc exist.

That’s what I thought too, but an African-American lady I was speaking too recently said that she doesn’t think white people should write characters of colour and that women are best at writing women and men are best at writing men. I have a few PoC in the video game I’m making and my two main characters in my novels tend to be a man and a woman so I wanted to check if this was an issue for a lot of people. 

ssapdra said: This is sounding better and better :O

It’s a fantastic diet. The sugar and carbs cravings are practically gone right now.