Meltdown emergency chat

As I told lipstick-autistic in an ask, I made an app for android to help me communicate when I’m non-verbal after a meltdown. After receiving positive feedback on the concept, I decided to publish it here and hope I can help other people who want to communicate with outsiders in situations where speech is impossible.

This is the opening screen of the app. It has a base text that explains to the person you gave your phone to that you can’t use speech and want to use this app to communicate.

Both the title and text can be adjusted in the settings(accessed with the Menu button on your phone or through the separate Settings launcher) to be whatever you want the person you give your phone to to know.

When the Continue button is pressed, the app continues to a bare-bones chat client:

(yeah, I didn’t really have a lot of inspiration writing a demo conversation)

I hope this helps some people(and I hope never having to use this).

EDIT: the app is now on Google Play: