voodoomooncakes asked:

do bathbombs give UTIs commonly?

nope, just staying in a bathtub too long in general can cause UTIs, because the water is dirty, I guess. From the messages ive received on the subject it’s recommended to take a quick shower before getting in your bathtub and if you use bubbles or bath bombs dont stay in it too long. 

Also some people are more prone to UTIs depending on the length of their urethra. 

bathbombs in general are really nice though. when im UTI free im going to take another one. yolo.

anonymous asked:

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anonymous asked:

wait is that weird cat thing called dad cat?

he is actually this little girls father. her name is chiyo. so he is chiyo’s dad officially. but i watched a bad translation of the anime at first and he was only called dad cat so it stuck