Myrna Loy first met William Powell on the set of the movie ‘Manhattan Melodrama’. Their first scene involved Loy’s character forcing her way into Powell’s cab. However, when shooting began and she landed on his lap, instead of saying his scripted line, Powell said “Miss Loy, I presume?” Both actors dissolved into a fit of laughter.

It was the first one of fourteen movies they shot together.


While shooting exteriors in San Francisco, Myrna, Bill Powell and his unofficial fiancée Jean Harlow were to stay at the St. Francis Hotel:

"At the St. Francis in San Francisco, they had reserved a Flyshaker Suite for Bill and me. The management assumed we were married. Already they considered us a couple after only five pictures together!  Well, of course it was hysterical. Here was Jean, but we couldn´t be obvious about the situation with the press on our heels. To complicate the matters further, conventioneers had taken every other room except a little hall bedroom downstairs somewhere. I didn´t know what to do, but Jean was marvellous. "There is nothing for you to do," she said. "We’ll just have to put Bill downstairs." I never saw this room, so I don’t know how bad it was, but Bill complained bitterly, let me tell you, angling to get upstairs."

Myrna Loy


"By 1932, at MGM, she was getting good supporting roles, but she still wasn´t clicking. That year, Irving Thalberg called her into his office. "There´s something holding you back," he told her. "There seems to be a veil between you and the audience. You´ve got to cut through. You must reach out there and grab them." She did - in May 1934 - with two hits released in the same month. In Manhattan Melodrama (released May 4), she played a gangster`s mistress who becomes the wife of a politician (William Powell). Three weeks later came The Thin Man (May 25). In both, audiences got to see past the snooty and elegant Loy veneer to a woman who was also witty, warm and spirited.”

Mick LaSalle - Complicated Women