• Melissa:Imagine how fucked up that would be if I just came over with a penis, casually.
  • Melissa:But really, no. I don't have a penis.
  • Melissa:...Do YOU have a penis?
  • ahaha, I love our chats :P

anonymous asked:

Who is your tumblr crush ?

This is a surprisingly tough question. I think I’m going to have to do that middle school thing where you list multiple crushes and say why you have them because I have quite a few Tumblr crushes, haha. Mostly, I’m pretty sure I have a Tumblr crush on pretty much anyone I follow, but just to name some of my favorites (currently):

So first, my real life friend ray-gunnn, whose Tumblr is amazing and who is a wonderful person and she’s gorgeous and I love her to death and who needs to arrange another drunk chick crew night (where, I promise, I will just sleep on your couch instead, if it comes to that).

Then there’s mellitahope, who’s gorgeous and posts wonderful things like pictures of beautiful landscapes and herself. Plus she’s super sweet. 

After that, probably rocketcitric, artchipel, loonaki, and killallskellys for posting a bunch of art.

Misszombilicious, speakerwiggin, and nudityandnerdery get my geek vote. They’re awesome. 

Also, viciousblueeyes has wonderful tats and a super cute smile.

I think that just about covers it. Also, as far as wonderful people go, I’ve been loving a lot of the stuff hurricanesinhereyes and kellymofuckinloera have been posting lately. They’re dolls.

I guess the problem is that my dad told me I could love whoever and as many people as I wanted, so I decided that I would do just that. 

But seriously, check out all of those lovelies!

mellitahope asked:

just googled it and you're right, at first i was like what the hell is she talking about hahah! i thought you were calling me a cunt but now i understand :') too funny xx

Ha ha not wouldn’t call you a cunt! My friend showed me the definition a while back, thought they had taken it down lol xx

Am I the only one that saves asks/messages? I just can’t delete when my favorite blogs answer me or my wife sends me a cute message. “I’m hammer drunk” LOL