February 9th.

Tonight, for whatever reason, was pure happiness. It was just one of those nights. Friendship and Mexican food and good music and standing 5 feet away from Noah Gundersen for a good portion of the show and meeting tumblr people in person and running around The D just because. I am exhausted in the best way. Heavy and Light was a success. 

melissaantos said:

4,9,22,37,49,88,96,100. :)

4. My favorite food is a grilled cheese. Hands down. 

9. What do I do? I feel all I do is travel. I have been to 4 states this summer and 5 countries. But I do work at a Brewery and go to school at University of Nevada, Las Vegas. :) 

22. I travel for fun. I seriously love to travel. I also love to read and write. 

37. What sport do I think I am best at? Well I have played soccer and I ice skated for 8 years. I would have to say that I was pretty good at ice skating and okay in soccer. Definitely no sports where you use your hands. I am not good with catching. haha. 

49. I really don’t know what the sickest I have ever been is. I have gotten really bad migraines but that’s probably the worst I have ever felt. 

88. name someone pretty… YOU!!!

96. Do I want to get married? Well yes I would be very happy with that. :) 

100. I would say both. I can be both when I want to be. Night time I like to stay up late but if I am up early I am ready to take on the world. My old roommate hated me for it. :) 

i love you!!!!