melinaisstillakid asked:

Ellie :-)

The next adventure coming up I think is a possible road trip to Pittsburgh in March with Kathleen and Max to see The Book of Mormon on tour. I’ve also been wanting to go to this park about 45 minutes from here because I’ve heard it’s ridiculously pretty–I wish I’d been able to go when all the leaves were still on the trees.

I’m also part of a group that’s looking to move into a house together at the end of next semester, so that’s exciting! :D

The following people have now been listed as references on my job interviews.
  • Meggie  (Friend)
  • Laura  (Co-Worker)
  • Miranda  (Friend)
  • Melina  (Former Classmate)

Because I’m a derp like that, and asking adults is awkward. They also have my boss from Rite Aid sooo…And I ain’t lying too. Laura is my co-worker, and melina is a former classmate. Soooo…they all know me. 

Love me.